Nokia Lumia 630 vs. Nokia Lumia 520 – Windows Phone 8.1 Review

Nokia Lumia 630 vs. 520! Both running Windows Phone 8.1 Please help support my channel by using the Amazon links down below. Thanks! :) USA:…
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  1. @ adrianisen did you install transparency tiles on 630 or thats the
    original tiles of 630?

  2. I definitely prefer the Nokia Lumia 630, design wise. 

  3. thank you soo much for doing this i really wanted to know :)

  4. Lumia 625 or 630?

  5. Did you say 12 gb of ram
    Or 12gb of space 

  6. 525 is thinner, looks nicer and less brickish, has 16b RAM, and a higher
    PPI. I’ll take the 525 

  7. How do you change the background in every tiles of lumia 630 plzZ HELPPP

  8. I love the cyan colour, for this reason i dont like the lumia 630

  9. Camera comparison and gaming speeds please

  10. Plz compare
    630 vth 525

  11. How did you set a background on the 520 so its viewable through the tiles?
    I don’t have the option to set backgrounds on my 520, please reply! Thanks.

  12. compare 630 with 525

  13. Thanks for the review! I love my cheap 520 and hands down the 630 it’s a
    better version of it.

    However I have to ask how you feel the in-screen buttons vs the hardware
    buttons on the 520? This is the only thing it bothers me.

  14. please reply me

  15. 630 :)

  16. Wait ! do u have smart shoot plz reply how did u get it i am dying for it

  17. Lumia 630 has gorilla glass 3 and pure black LCD plus quad core. These are
    the only different against 520. And other specs are same

  18. Can you make an speedtest, please?

  19. My 520 is working good but the 630 looks really comfy to hold!

  20. hi adrianisen, How did you change the background in every tiles of lumia

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