Nokia Lumia 630 Windows Phone 8.1 Gaming Review

Nokia Lumia 630 Windows Phone 8.1 Gaming Review

Nokia Lumia 630 Gaming Review, the Lumia 630 comes pre-loaded with Windows Phone 8.1 and I play some HD games like Temple Run 2, Asphalt 8 to give you an ide…

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  1. Nokia Lumia 630 Windows Phone 8.1 Gaming Review

  2. wish it had 1gb ram. that would have been a good competitor to moto g. Now
    who uses front camera mostly and also flash for camera. mostly in a budget
    phone like this. :) it really would have been a bang for buck only if you
    know ram would hav been more. What do you guys think. And by the way which
    is better Lumia 525 or moto e.

  3. seems more cores is better instead of powerful cores .i think the
    mediatek’s octacore processor is better than the snapdragon 600 4 cores

  4. Thanks for the video. As you mentioned some games are not available for
    630, it may be the case that these games are not compatible with 8.1 as it
    was the case with whatsapp which was removed for some days and came back. (
    making a guess only, you might have tried other lumia with 8.1) 

  5. Good phone ..but it would be a good buy if we get 1 GB of RAM,flash for the
    camera with at least 720p recording and priced 15000/- or under….

  6. On which factor the Lumia 630 overtakes 525.. which is the best of these

  7. sir is gaming better on 630 or lumia 525?

  8. +Ranjit Kumar Hello Sir, wen u r uploading Nexus 5 in-depth review
    specially after 4.4.3 ??

  9. subway surfer is coming on 512mb windows phone soon :)

  10. subway surfer 512mb ram coming in july

  11. sir im having lumia 525 with me but i cant download asphalt 8 what could be
    the solution for it

  12. Which is the best budget android device

  13. sir will the ram and performance be better in 635?so wat u suggest wait for

  14. Hi Ranjeet, could you please share video comparing Moto G and Lumia 630?

  15. Subway Surfers

  16. asphalt runs very wall :o

  17. are there any gaming issues with this lumia 630 as it has a quad core
    processor ? 

  18. hi sir i got a problem in installing six guns asphalt 8 on lumia 630 when i
    install it manually it says attention required could you suggest me 

  19. ranjit plz do a review for Windows phone 8.1 

  20. My lumia 720 plays asphalt 8 better

  21. Sir please suggest me a battery saving app for moto g. Battery life on moto
    g is not that good, I roughly 7 to 8 hours on medium usage.

  22. 630 was supposed to launch with back shells but i can’t find them!

  23. Nokia Lumia 630 Windows Phone 8.1 Gaming Review

  24. Sir make a video of Nokia lumia 1020 full camera review… pls it’s a

    can anybody tell me how to capture 41mp photo with lumia 1020 !!!! 

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