Overview of Windows 8.1 Public Preview (Part 1)

Overview of Windows 8.1 Public Preview (Part 1)

This is the first video of a two video series of an overview of Windows 8.1 Public Preview. In this video, I give you a brief overview of some welcomed chang…


  1. I would also strongly suggest looking at the windows 8 hot-keys because it
    makes it a 1000% more useable! like command+c is for the chams and
    command+I for settings for current application

  2. Finaly i can make some app tiles small, cant wait for the finaly release
    because i cant install a preview on my main workstation, the one thing i
    didn’t like with windows 8 was having do command+w and command+f to switch
    the search

  3. Where did you find the preview

  4. Microsoft

  5. Windows 8 already featured automatic color change. =)

  6. Soooo much eye candy to do simple tasks…:)

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