Pcsx2 0.9.4(PS2 Emulator) DBZ BT 3 Runs well

Hi have installed Pcsx2 0.9.4 . Its so slow because of the record program. Normaly it runs around 60 FPS in the movie it is running around 30 FPS. My specs a…

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  1. lol no u dont u just need one that has a good graphics card.

  2. puto

  3. ssj4 big bang kamehameha = x100 big bang kamehameha ssj2 = normal

  4. pendejo aprende a jugar idiota

  5. want download pcsx2 ver 0.9.6 then watch my video . Easy steps

  6. whats the name of the second song.

  7. HI help plz … My pc specs are good nvidia 8800 gt , 4 gb ram , inter core
    2 duo 3 ghz , windows vista ultimate … but when i try to run this game it
    run super slowly ! Help plz Ty Vm ( can u … expalin step by step how to
    do to work the game smoothly ) ty

  8. 512 your vc so u can run dbz bt 3

  9. i have coreduo 2.5 ghz geforce 256 mb 2 gb ram and windows xp can i run it
    with that emulator ???

  10. lovee it, i just download PCSX2 0.9.4 just wanna know where i can download
    dbz bt3, and other question, do i have to download a plugin or something to
    make it work?

  11. super gogeta < kid gohan lolz

  12. i dont get it- dose this let u play ps2 games on your computer?

  13. welcome. you play 360 or PS3?

  14. can you send me the game where u got it?i have windows XP is this a
    problem?^^ becuz i have one iso and the pcsx2 0.9.6 but it sends an error
    damn =(

  15. k thx

  16. how to get that iso

  17. what’s your GAMERTAG!

  18. where do i get the game

  19. your wrong search up pcx2 emulator i have it but when it strarts up i get
    an error because window vista sucksssssssssssssssss my friend can play
    games on his computer ps2 games

  20. I could send your 3d avatar pic to u in a link

  21. i dont know about the emulator i got This game to my ps2… they best way
    for all is buy ps2.. and play full speed because to get full speed with
    emulator u need a very strong PC ..

  22. what does speed hack do?

  23. please could you send the download link of this game. please

  24. kool ima have to get that link from u then.

  25. Can you tell me whats the name of the song or can you give my a link with
    the song? pls…..:)

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