PCSX2 1.1.0 Tutorial! NEW UPDATE, Naruto Ultimate Ninja 5! BEST Configuration! [MAX FPS]

READ THIS FIRST!* Sorry For not using Music on this Video XD Please Download PCSX2 From pcsx2.net :) They have the full version! Hello Everyone ­čśÇ This is m…
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  1. I have an Nvidia GeForce 660 and my game is glitchy as all hell wtf is

  2. ruined evry thng bad vid :p´╗┐

  3. the system works great but when I play the game its way too slow do not

  4. Your settings made the games lag even more -.- thanks a lot´╗┐

  5. That’s damn near as close to a PS2 you can get! It’s a shame this game
    didn’t get released in America :(… Ahh but who the hell am I kidding, I
    have free mcboot and swap magic so I have this game lol :)´╗┐

  6. it only raised it to half of 20´╗┐

  7. “use this only if you have a fast computer”´╗┐

  8. Thanks. I’m finally able to play budokai 3 with more than 50 fps. Before I
    was playing at less than 15 fps and that was more than annoying.´╗┐

  9. Trying to run Metal Gear Solid 3, my computer can run Mass Effect 3 or
    recent other games at normal graphics with perfect FPS most of the time,
    runs fine in the beginning, but once the plane cutscene starts it drops
    about half its 60 FPS then decreases more. I used these settings it didn’t
    help. Tips?´╗┐

  10. This Naruto just runs normally in any computer with standard settings for

  11. Your laptop is better than my desktop computer…´╗┐

  12. I’ve got an i5 Core (3.2GHz with Turbo Boost) and Intel HD Graphics 4000.
    I was having lag at first, but when I switched from Direct3D11 to Direct3D9
    the lag stopped. Obviously Direct3D9 is less strain on the PC. So for
    anyone with trouble, so that.´╗┐

  13. Hey I’m playing kh2fm and the gameplay at most times is so slow and some
    cutscenes are too.
    Luckily the first boss wasn’t slow :D´╗┐

  14. ive been looking all over on how to speed up this pcsx2 but it STILL STAYS
    AT 25 (and and sometimes goes to 19) FPS I’m on windows 8 with a gateway
    laptop PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!´╗┐

  15. I have it functioning, however when I get to playing the game its in slow
    motion even though i’m running at 50fps, the cut scenes and menu is fine
    just the game play is in slow motion. Any ideas?´╗┐

  16. Thank you so much. I was trying to play GTA Vice City Stories, but without
    this video it was not posible. Liked and subbed!´╗┐

  17. how solve the urban chaos green scene ?´╗┐

  18. Your Labtop specs are pretty good´╗┐

  19. very nice tutorial

  20. My pc spec is this: Operating System: Windows 7 Home Premium CPU: Intel
    Pentium P6200 at 2.13 GHz, Arrandale 32nm Tech RAM: 4.00 GB Dual-Channel
    DDR3 at 532 MHz Hardrives: 466 GB Seagate (Is that good enough? and I think
    some of it was extra info, just incase..)

  21. can you make this abot tekken 5 for a weak pc

  22. good video i will start playing the game soon xD

  23. I can’t make Castlevania Curse of Darkness or Megaman X7 run at a decent
    FPS or run it fine respectively. My computer can easily run at maximum most
    of the recent games (Crysis 3, BF3, whatever). I remember I set this in an
    older computer and worked like a charm. Any tips would be appreciated.

  24. And would this help at all with ratchet and clank texture problems?

  25. Yes it is good :) but not really :/ i mean you will play most of games 60
    FPS :) or 50 FPS like KH2 and others

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