Persona 3 FES undub wide screen patched 1080p running on PCSX2 1.0 – Priestess boss

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  1. I tried the widescreen patch with the undub remix 1.01 version and it
    didn’t work.
    I even tried to manual hex edit the iso and only got the hud and text box
    to correctly work but not the actual game to show more on the sides and not

  2. when i am in a dungeon, the map in the bottom left corner is all messed up
    and glitchy, iv’e tried to mess with the graphics a bit, but whatever i do,
    it just stays glitchy…. how do i fix this? i really want to understand
    the map.

  3. Hey, Thanks PCSX2 for the great Job, I’m just asking if you could give me
    the link of the last update pf emulator would you do me this favor ?
    Thank you

  4. I seem to have the shadow on the MC glitched so you can only see some of it.

    Also if AA is enabled and I have native xanything it causes glitchy floor
    textures aka rainbow textures. Not sure why.

  5. Hey! Can you help me? I’m running this game on i5 4440, gtx650 ti boost,
    8gig of ram and I’m getting 60fps outside battle.When I have to battle and
    choose what I want to do(magic,attack,items etc..) I get -10fps. Why? When
    the camera changes I got 60 fps again, then same 50fps when I got the
    control. How can I fix this? Tried 1.2.1 and it’s even worse.Thanks.

  6. Looks really good apart from the widescreen ruining all of the 2D assets.

  7. Thank god for emulators, this looks fantastic even with the 4:3 aspect

  8. can you give me the link for the game ? Thanks !

  9. This is game can be played on Playstation 2 ??

  10. I can’t play the game because The game doesn’t react to the controls I have
    put in.
    Any help?

  11. I play this undub on my ps2 and alienware laptop I love this game I got
    persona 3 fes & persona 4 sealed :) 

  12. How did you get it to 1080p? My game seems to have worse graphics. Was
    there a patch?

  13. I’m having an issue that concerns text spacing. Every time there is a key
    word (Charm, Courage, the name of the Protagonist, etc.). I’ve tried using
    .pnach files to fix this, but it hasn’t worked. Is there anything else you
    could suggest to fix this?

  14. Hey I am having issues, with the widescreen patch and without at native

    When I go into battles or am in loeding screens I get these odd frame
    drops. I am using r5892 and the avx plugin.

    My specs are as follows
    AMD fx 6300 4.00@
    8 gbs of g-kills 1600 ram
    HD 7870 ghz edition

    I am told with this I should be playing no problem even at higher
    resolutions any idea whats wrong? I play with the stranded Balance preset ,
    and enabled the multicore speedup. 

  15. Its a surprise to me that the persona 3 fes looks really good on the pcsx2
    compared to it being played on the PS3. So, good on the pcsx2 team for
    creating a better graphical experince than Sony. XD

  16. Is there a seperate widescreen patch for this game? It will load for the
    dubbed version but not the undubbed version.

  17. Do you think I can play this game with this specs
    I5 3320m 2.6Ghz
    Nvs 5200m
    Ram 8GB

  18. Man the game loads the cheat but the game still looks the same

  19. Too bad all of the 2D elements are still stretched and squashed. :( But
    the 3D elements all look normal now.

  20. Why is the music all different?

  21. Thank you PSCX2 team for beeing so awesome!!!!

  22. I tried burning this on a dvd and playing it on my ps2 with magic swap and
    it still didnt work. any tips?

  23. anybody know where i can get the 1.02 kotoba patch?

  24. neveer miind, I changed the plugin setting to directx11 and from hardware.
    It now works fine. hehe

  25. My main character and other npc’s are bald in the front. What settings can
    you reccommend?

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