PiPO W1 VS Cube iWork10 U100GT Windows 8.1 Tablets PC Intel Atom Z3740D Quad Core CPU

PiPO W1 Manufaturer Preinstalled Windows 8.1 os with Official Serial Numbers.2GB RAM 64GB SSD,Include Keyboard Case.In Stock ! Fast Free Shipping at w


  1. Thank You man, nice vid!

  2. tell me, please, the operating system Windows 8.1 installed on these
    tablets in your store or manufacturer of the tablet installed it?
    Operating system is activated on both tablets? There are serial numbers to
    activate the operating system and office?

  3. Hello.
    Pipo W1 has 64gb SSD or flash?

    Thank you

  4. Does the SSD can be upgraded?

  5. hi, is it pipo a good brand talking about quality? thankS in advance

  6. I liked more keyboard-case from the Cube u100gt tablet, it will fit to Pipo
    W1 tablet? Thank you ) 

  7. Great and useful video )

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