Pipo x7 windows 8.1 bing os office 365 free +free skype

Kodi running on windows os pipo x7 media box.

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  1. http://youtu.be/QnYw7T8JHJw a quick video showing iptv through LG smart tv.

  2. the pipo x7 running kodi

  3. the new windows base media box, the pipo x7 running xvmc/kodi

  4. just ordered it for 80€ from gearbest.. hope it arrives in one piece :p

  5. Any idea it sends AC3 or dolby digital trough its HDMI? thanx

  6. Hi mate
    Great review
    About the OS on that box , is it free ?
    Is it a full version that will not stop working (like a trial ver for
    instance ) ?

    Best regards

  7. Im debating getting this or the MINIX NEO Z64W, the minix is ascetically
    more better looking but under the hood, as far as I can tell its the same
    thing. Advise?

  8. Does the box make any noise, and how warm does it get ?
    Did you have to pay any import duty
    Great video

  9. Is there any problem with the full screen view? I see only half of the win
    task bar.

  10. Hello there:)
    Does it support DTS MA and Dolby True HD?? :) And has it preinstall Kodi??

  11. is the video quailty better than android tv?

  12. Quality mate love it cannot wait to get mine !!!

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