Precision Touchpad Demo for Windows 8.1


  1. Seems like Microsoft is finally committed to improve the touchpad
    experience on the PC.´╗┐

  2. since windows 8.1, none of my touchpad gestures work any more, not even
    scrolling. HELP!

  3. Amazing! One of those things that should always have been there.

  4. k, thx ­čśë

  5. Kind of wish this was already built into Windows 8, instead of requiring an
    upcoming update, slight code updates, and new hardware. Oh well, I’m glad I

  6. So they want to standardize the drivers? Does that include the ability to
    remap touchpad buttons? I always remap my left key to be the middle mouse

  7. if ur using a laptop, go to your laptop manufacturer’s website and download
    the latest windows 8.1 driver for your laptop :)

  8. before i install 8.1 i could slide page up the down with 2 fingers down the
    mouse pad but after window 8.1 is installed it won’t let me do that
    anymore, why is that?

  9. i tried that, it turnes out my computer simply forgets to boot it on start
    up so i just go to control paned & do it manually but thx anyway :)

  10. Ciekawe, że dopiero Windows Blue będzie obsługiwał gesty na touchpadzie.
    Precision Touchpad Demo for Windows 8.1

    Poza tym wspominanie o wy┼é─ůczaniu touchpada podczas pisania spienia mnie,
    bo dlaczego wcze┼Ťniej (jakie┼Ť 5 lat) tego nie by┼éo, mimo, ┼╝e by┼éo to w
    sterownikach?! I co tu teraz powiedzie─ç o wcze┼Ťniejszym sprz─Öcie i

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