Print from your wireless laptop using a printer attached to your networked desktop PC

I used my laptop and my networked desktop computer to illustrate how to print wirelessly from your laptop. Once you enable “printer sharing” in your desktop PC and “add a printer” in your laptop,…
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  1. Thanks this has just solved my problem I am so grateful I just need to know
    to click that shared box on the desktop

  2. please help me out…I connected my canon mg printer to my router , now I
    have a pc directly connection to my router via ethernet cord, how do I
    print without the need of a usb cord? I tried adding a printer ( followed
    your steps) it wouldn’t detect it.

  3. everything ok. but when i click that add printer i cannot able to access
    the desktop printers though i turn sharing on. my printer shows online but
    not printing it

  4. Someone help plz, when i try to show up my printer, it doesnt pop up! help

  5. It would make this ‘instructional video’ more ‘instructional’ if this guy
    hadn’t already installed the printer, so we can follow along with the

  6. I am thanking you for this great tutorial. Very thorough i appreciate your
    wisdom wtam69, “CHEERS” to you

  7. I’m still confused where the desktop computer is supposed to come up. When
    I get to that step, nothing comes up and there are many computers in my

  8. What if your printer doesn’t show on your laptop? I did the sharing
    whenever I installed it on my pc.

  9. What if when I click properties on the host computer, the desktop, it only
    has general and hardware tabs?

  10. Great…………..

  11. thank you very much

  12. All good till I try to enter password. i dont have one on my desktop, yet
    it asks for one???

  13. thank you!! thank you so much!

  14. Thank you very much. That was what I was waiting to hear “do I need to turn
    my desktop on for printer to work?” You answered it. thanks!

  15. i went to properties and there was no sharing option, what do I do?

  16. my laptop cant see my PC (host) in Network browsing the printer so i cant
    continue to install the printer.. help!

  17. Thanks this video really helped me understand how to set up the printer I’m
    planning to do an iron on shirt and I seriously don’t know how to set up
    the printer but I don’t know a printer right now and I’m planning to get

  18. thank you !!

  19. Great easy to understand video..thanks

  20. tons of thanks to you bro. I was just gonna call IT personel but u saved my
    time and money.

  21. Thanks, I’ve been wanting to do this for a while, but never got around to
    it because, I didn’t want to have to spend the time to figure it out. Great
    video. MUDDy

  22. LOL. :) TRUE. MUDDy

  23. Unfortunately, not everything is plug and play. It’s more like plug it in
    and the frustration starts.

  24. Thank you, very comprehensive instructions. It would have taken me 6 years
    to figure this out alone.

  25. I hope it works for you.

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