Print WITHOUT an Airprint Printer (From Your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch)

In this video I will be showing you how to print from your iOS based device to a printer, which is not Airprint enabled. I will be going in-depth, through ea…

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  1. why on earth did you cover your internal ip address?

  2. What is the point of hiding local network IP? lol

  3. What is ur intro music pls reply pls

  4. قم بالطباعة مباشرة من هاتف آيفون 5 الخاص بك عبر اتصال واي فاي. لن يتطلب ذلك
    منك أن تقوم بتحميل أية تطبيقات، ولن تحتاج إلى تثبيت أية برامج تشغيل، ولن
    تحتاج لأية كابلات للتوصيل. مع إيربرنت (AirPrint)، يمكنك إرسال كل ما هو على
    شاشة آيفون 5 الخاص بك إلى أية طابعة معرفة على برنامج إيربرنت (AirPrint

  5. 2002 – Bluetooth launched to allow short range wireless comms between
    electronic devices.
    2007 – iPhone (an electronic device) is launched with a deliberately,
    severely restricted Bluetooth system called Bluecore.
    2015 – iPhone owners like me STILL! waiting for Apple to stop being a bunch
    of jerks and allow our (very expensive) devices to print via Bluetooth just
    like virtually every other smart phone user has been able to do for years.
    And you can guarantee that on the day they do, they’ll call it
    ‘ground-breaking’ and ‘innovative’

  6. This worked for me, too, but I ad to download the additional print app for
    my computer. Thank you!

  7. bloody hell- how loud do u want the music?!?!

  8. Thanks for posting. This worked for me. Had to download the additional
    print app for my computer. There is a slight lag between hitting the print
    document on my Iphone to getting the printer to respond but it is a matter
    of one minute at most.

  9. great video but I just found a firmware update for my Pixma printer but
    good video anyway 

  10. Looks like a decent app, but I don’t see how I can choose which page from a
    multi-page web site to print, or how I can print in black and white. Ink
    is just too expensive to be wasted.

  11. You really didnt need to hide that ip. Its local so no one could use it to
    attack you. Only external ip addresses are dangerous to show. 

  12. you sound like a Asian male version of siri lol great tutorial

  13. my app freezes on “test you printer” _??

  14. Great job on this video , not talking too much , great audio , and answered
    all my question , thanks alot .

  15. You rock! This totally worked!!! Been wanting to do this for years! Thanks

  16. Tried this but can’t download as IOS 7 is required.

  17. Apple Tech Spot, did you buy Printer Pro or did you use cydia?

  18. @YolaMok He stated that to try the lite free version and that it comes in
    handy just in case your printer and the app is incompatible so thank
    yourself for not following directions. Have a Nice Day ☺️❤️ 

  19. Can the printing be done without multiple user interventions? Can I have a
    web app with a Print button and just get the browser to do it’s thing?

  20. I Have A Canon And I Can’t Find The IP NUMBER 

  21. I downloaded the lite version and when i went to safari and put a p in
    front of my page it said sorry but the page you looked up in safari is

  22. When i press print test page it it doesnt print please help

  23. Can you print 2 diferent photos in one page?

  24. great video thanks! print n share is good too

  25. How to get my ip address my printer is hp 1515 

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