PS2 For Your Laptop BIOS Included

PS2 For Your Laptop BIOS Included In This Video Tutorial You Can Obtain the PS2 for your PC or Laptop. You Will Have all The Files Needed To Start Playing th…
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  1. there is no bios in here xD therefore I can not even run a game

  2. I have a really crappy pc and i can run games.

  3. how come it dont word legit ma ass you janky bastard

  4. Thanks, bro. Like the video and the download link. Is there any way to play
    my pcsx2 faster?

  5. i tried loading it but it said ” The specified Bios file was not found. A
    bios is required for Pcsx2 to run. Filename:
    “…………..can u help out please

  6. It works but it’s all shaky and stuff.

  7. Thats jacksfilms job, not yours

  8. created an account just top say thank you

  9. it worked great

  10. what about windows 7 pentium?

  11. Thanks a lot. how do i update my direct X on WIN 7 64-bit

  12. You sir are epic. Nuff said.

  13. Can u use ur ps2 controller?

  14. Thanks man!

  15. Dude Omg, I seriously LOVE YOU, your the only channel i found this on which
    doesnt have a god damn password :DDDDD

  16. where do the games go?

  17. Where do I get your so called download?

  18. hey man my specs are CPU:Intel Core 2 CPU 6300 1.86 1.87 GHz 3.00 Gb of ram
    GPU: Geforce 210 Good or Bad ???

  19. yeah, use something like xpadder if it doesn’t work directly

  20. nvm, i got it! you change the cdvd to the linus in the configure section,
    then click configure, select the ISO, and boom! hope i helped =D

  21. It’s in the RAR. You need to point to it in settings.

  22. How do we play games that are not in a CD/DVD?

  23. Ok so i did everything in your video and when i tried running the emulator
    my computer tells me that i can’t run it because a bios file is needed. i’m
    totally stuck

  24. Xtract The RAR FUCKFACE :)

  25. you make my day Thank you so much a million time imma sub and like and fav

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