Rainmeter Tutorial | Brandon Bias’ Rainmeter Setup | Customize Your Windows Desktop

Lots of people kept asking me about my desktop, wondering if it was Windows 8 (and it wasn’t) so I decided to make a tutorial on it! Pretty straightforward :…
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  1. I FIGURED IT OUT MATES!!! 😛 for all of those people who had problems with
    omnimo hiding the desktop icons (Me included just go to the omnimo settings
    and disable “hide desktop icons on launch”, and restart the program!

  2. How do you get your icons on your desktop like that? (Recycle Bin,
    Photoshop etc…)

  3. as soon as i run the shield os installer it says u need to close the
    program. the error says “check online for solution…close the program”.
    can you tell me what i might be doing wrong?

  4. One thing that I am noticing is the fact that when Omnimo is in use, it
    selects all of my apps and throws the desktop in the background as if
    Omnimo has its own window open. I want my Omnimo apps to run together WITH
    my desktop. Any advice or idea on what I may be doing wrong?

  5. How do you get your desktop to look how it does normally (with the icons
    looking really cool and stuff)?
    Like how it does on the top

  6. Does this take up lots of your CPU?

  7. How do I add my external drives to the default Disk Storage skin? The C
    drive and the DVD drive come up but not the external drives. :(

  8. Do you have a 1366×768 version of your wallpaper? Thanks!

  9. Hi man i love your work . and i wish you the best , & keep it up !!

  10. 11:09 rly utorrent -_-

  11. Does anyone know, how to make the music player work? Have no idea where to
    put in my files / folders :(

  12. does rainmeter still exist

  13. Thanks Dude. Relly Cool sharing this with us. Cheers.

  14. I accidentally removed the quick acces sidebar! HELP!

  15. great tutorial! what happens when you hit the rainmeter start button does
    it actually show you a start menu?

  16. Can’t make Windows 8 looking cool, good or functional. Boring

  17. how did you work the icons ??? like website and stuff like that icons stuck
    on the top 

  18. Is it possible to copy an element so there is 2 from 1 pack? if it is
    please tell me how :D

  19. Is it possible to have your desktop icons, on your desktop screen,
    meanwhile you using Omnimo?

  20. Pls help all my desktop icons are gone

  21. Hey mate, do you have any idea on how I can change the colors on things
    like the start button, the steam, and the clock?

  22. this video was great! answered all my questions i will definitely like and

  23. I just googled “magic” and it tells me its a secret way of revealing stuff
    for more information ask Ch-Ch-Check It

    thanks for the video was looking for something new this worked great.

  24. I recently installed this, but when I was editing stuff I couldn’t open the
    config program, I can open it by right click the apps but if I change so
    you can’t touch them there is no way I can move anything, I simply
    reinstalled it and everything is fine. But it’s very anoying, anyone
    have experience of this bug and maybe have a solution?
    Don’t judge my spelling… :P

  25. which dock u use ?

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