Remote Desktop connection in Windows 8.1

Remote Desktop connection in Windows 8.1

Brief introduction to Remote Desktop connection in Windows 8.1 Next tutorial here:
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  1. For some reason I don’t have the Remote Desktop options in System

  2. “a user restriction is preventing you from logging on ” what the … ?

  3. i did all those steps i have remote control port open on my router but i am
    not able to connect to my Server 

  4. sorry to bother but my firewall blocks my remote if i turn it off i can
    access it but when i have it on i cant

    i have tried so many stuff from opening ports to many thing on the pc

    i run 2 windows 8.1 pro
    1 laptop 1 desktop
    i want from laptop to desktop when i am on the go and i need to get to my pc
    plz help me out here

  5. do both pc need to have a version that has professional? And also those the
    person to turn a few services to allow remote desktop connection or he does
    need to turn on the requirement services.

  6. Thanks)

  7. Why can’t I see the remote desktop settings, only the remote asstance?


  9. wait thats not 8.1

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