Review – Windows Phone 8.1 Mobile Operating System

After about a month of using Windows Phone 8.1, I give you my thoughts on this mobile OS. Is it right for you? Be sure to checkout my blog @ YourG
Video Rating: 4 / 5


  1. I think that windows store are showing just apps that are compatible with
    those specs of the phone.If you use a higher end lumia it will show other
    more apps as-well .

  2. Carrier reviews would br cool

  3. COULD U REAVIEW IOS & ANDROID perating Systems

  4. COULD U REAVIEW IOS & ANDROID perating Systems

  5. Thank you for your review I’m thinking about going to windows and it’s good
    to hear actual opinions

  6. And your final problem with this phone is that you are an Apple fan boy.
    Did you remove your Steve Jobs wallpaper for this review to appear to be
    unbiased? I have a suggestion, buy a second Lumia 635 for $100 and add
    another line to your TMO account for 60 months and still keep some coin in
    your pocket versus blowing your wad on an Iphone 6 Plus. Just a

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