Samsung ATIV SE With Windows Phone 8.1 Review

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Video Rating: 4 / 5


  1. Phone itself is good, however this fucking microsoft OS sucks ass.

  2. Nokia rules in term of hardware… When Windows becomes huge… Samsung is
    gonna struggle..

  3. Vous prenez le design du S4 et vous mettez Windows 8.1 est voila se que ça
    donne ^^

  4. debating between the ATIV SE and the Icon…any thoughts?? my only drawback
    with the Icon, is the camera speed. Im going from the 4S to a windows
    phone…this I know…now just looking for the best vessel I can get. would
    really like to see a side by side with the ATIV SE and the Icon..theres one
    between the ATIV S and the 920…but I don’t want either of those.

    thanks in advance with your feed back.

  5. `Waste Of Time.Samsung Windows Phone Really Bad Phone With Good
    Preferences..Why They Didn’t Install Android It Will Be Better With Android
    System ;)

  6. best use black color background to save battery life

  7. I think with IR blaster added it makes it on par with the Nokia devices.
    One the issues I find with Nokia they are gimmicky to a fault. I dare
    almost say lazy. It has a lot of speed and specs and yet seems to be
    holding something back. ATIV is good option… solid review, I enjoyed it.

  8. If it doesn’t have cortana what does it use for search

  9. I have cortana on samsung ativ s

  10. it’s quite a competitor against nokia’s lumia phones yet it lacks some
    nokia apps. very nice design, not in terms of samsung but generally, the
    silver cover suits the windows phone 8 decently!

  11. Finally a lightweight, big screen spec’d out Winphone. Be better if it were
    32gb though. Wish this was on ATT/Tmob, cuz GSM version is neutered
    compared to this one.

  12. Our review of the Samsung ATIV SE with Windows 8.1!

  13. I had the same issue about Cortana, but it showed up when I changed my
    phone region to US and voice language to English US, cause that’s the only
    voice Cortana supports ;)

  14. Can Ativ Odyssey get the WP 8.1 preview update too?

  15. love the start up background!

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