Set Up PCSX2 Controls (LilyPad 0.10.0)

How to set up a controller for PCSX2 for the latest version link for d-pad and sensitivity clearup: link for how to setup pcsx2 c…
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  1. I’m very interested to know what is inside the “dragons” and “holocaust”

  2. Help! I can’t check the “Use analog mode whenever possible” square. I’m
    using an Xbox 360 controller. The analog does work in the game in playing
    which is FF XII but the only problem is the analog, it works when I walking
    but not when I want to select options moving up or down with the analog,
    but it does work on the D-Pad. :(

  3. i freaking love kingdom hearts

  4. alright so, i did all of this, the controller works under the USB thing for
    my computer, the buttons respond on the lilypad, i checked directinput
    only, but the controls/buttons will not show up in pad 1 or pad 2 no matter
    what i check. help?

  5. wow. this was awesome man. Awesome tutorial

  6. Why am I moving in slow mo….. Everything else works good……..

  7. sometimes when i wanna put my controllers buttons like R3 it comes up like
    L2. I have no idea how to fix it. Pleace help me before i break my fucking
    controll. Thanks men and nice video

  8. I believe L3 and R3, are your left stick, and right stick. It is when you
    click them inward.

  9. I did all this, except I have a Speedlink Strike controller and the damn
    thing simply won’t respond. No buttons work. On top of that, whenever it
    does respond in other games [legit ones that support controllers], most of
    the buttons don’t work or are inverted [eg left is right, up is down,
    square is circle etc]. Do you think it’s just that I have a really shitty

  10. Thank you so much dude, this was a massive help.

  11. bro I can set the Sensitivity, but not the deadzone.. please help me man 

  12. Nope. Don’t wanna work with me. Thinks select is R3…. Can I get something
    better than that crap?

  13. You’re a life saver thanks!

  14. Thanks A lot!!!

  15. TIL ps1 controllers had R3 and L3 buttons.

  16. Whenever I have the left analogue stick in the corners to move diagonally
    the character starts to walk instead of running. Is there any way to fix
    this or am I just going to have to get used to it? Please answer quickly
    its really annoying

  17. For some reason for me it says PS1 only at Use analog mode is possible and
    I can’t check the box. Any sort of help would be appreciated. I use version
    1.2.1 of PCSX2.

  18. Thanks very much! Now i can play Shadow of the Colossus again! :)

  19. L3 and R3 are the analog sticks, you click the down

  20. does this also work if your using a ps3 controller setup with ScpDriver

  21. thanks man it the video really help

  22. can you upload a word file in which there are all controlls pls

  23. Thanks for the video. It seriously helped. Not sure why all the other
    websites had to be so confusing when mapping the controllers when all you
    had to do is set it like any other program would (click what you want to
    change, then press it on controller).

  24. thank you so much works !

  25. were did you get your controller

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