Setup an FTP Server in Windows 8.1 – AvoidErrors Setup and Access an FTP Server in Windows 8.1.
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  1. Hi Miguel, you really made many people’s life more happy now and I’m one of
    them. I spend 3 days non sleep to fix FTP as I need to use it on FIleZilla,
    but I’ unable to log in to it, it says host Not purse. Can you advice?

  2. I can access to my FTP but I can’t download from him anything please help

  3. thank you

  4. thank you very much very useful :)

  5. please tell me windows >> light ftp server on console (cmd) ,thank you.

  6. thanxxxxxxxxxxx Miguel bro for uploading this video , u have completed my
    wish >>>>

  7. Thanks..

  8. i can t access remotely , only from the pc i created the FTP , i tried all
    , need help 

  9. all thanx ,like
    can you tell us how enter to windows 8 without use email accound

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