Shadow of the Colossus 3rd Colossus Full HD running on PCSX2 1.1.0

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  1. Is there any possibility you could link me to a guide on your website on
    how to do this the right way? One with step by step instructions if you can

  2. I got 2GB RAM there’s a way that i can play SOTC?

  3. +PCSX2 I’m a major audio purist like I care about audio/music etc more than
    Does this emulator emulate the sound 100% accurate?
    Does it tamper with it?
    Thank you and many thanks for this beast emulator :)

  4. im running the game perfect at 60fps..only problem is that his sword and
    the sky look pixelated. any suggestions on how to fix this?

  5. holy cow this settings work perfectly THANKS!

  6. when i run this game i’m experiencing a very noticable slowdown even though
    my fps counter shows constantly 59fps-60fps

  7. I have a question. Does fxaa make a difference in the look of the game or
    is not necessary. I have it enabled and it doesn’t seem to slow my game
    down from what I can see, but I see that you don’t have it listed in your
    configurating settings. I was wondering if it cause issues in the original
    look of the game or any other problems.

    Also, if I put progressive scan on will it reduce my 2x native resolution
    that I currently have the game on. I’m kind of confused about that. I
    looked up what progressive scan does to the game and it saids that it
    upscales to 480p. So does that mean that my current resolution would be
    downgraded to 480p. Or am I way off track about all of this. Does the
    progressive scan option in the game change the look in any way?

  8. Hey bud. I have roughly the same settings as you, but the best I can get is
    around 30fps. I have pretty rubbish memory, so could this be bottlenecking
    it somehow? If not, I have no idea what could be causing this low

  9. GPU must be spitting molten lava during encounters.

  10. The boss around 8:00 is too cute to kill! =(

  11. 06:26 eargasm :3

  12. poor horse :'(

  13. thanks man ! and the game is great bad the kid runs like a retard :))
    but the game is one of the best on thx for the settigns

  14. did anyone else thought that there was gonna be something scary in the
    water the first time u swam in the game or is it just me

  15. Runs fine with your settings except my sound is a little glitchy. Any fix
    to something like that?

  16. Есть норм настройки на Русском?Здесь ничего не понятно!

  17. My G3258 @4.4GHz plays this full speed, hell of a chip for emulation!

  18. These settings work so well with ICO!

  19. I can’t manage to have it run at a 16:9 resolution even by manually setting
    the renderer to 1920×1080… can anybody help?

  20. At this point, I should be able to get 60 fps no problem on my 760 with
    16gb RAM and an FX-8350 which is surprisingly caught up with the i5s and

  21. thanks very much i ran it with 60fps…

  22. can anyone point me in the direction to find a good fast download of Shadow
    of the Colossus HD suitable for this emulator?

  23. with a good enough computer, is the game capable of staying at 60 fps? cus
    on the ps2 hardware it sure as hell doesn’t

  24. the sound is horrible.. what configurations works best for the sound? i
    just have noise

  25. I’ve a i7 3930k at 3.20 ghz, a 680 and 16 gb of ram at 1600, i copied every
    single one of your settings but everything is laggy and it keeps going from
    60-40-20-10 fps…especially in fights…what is wrong? 

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