slow right click on desktop windows 8.1 solved

slow right click on desktop windows 8.1 solved.

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  1. Video starts @ 1:24

  2. man, thanks for all the love! thanks from Brazil

  3. yep

  4. thanx bro! worked for me :) (win 8 x64)

  5. worked for me on windows 7 x64 😀 <3

    the music got me in the mood too ;)

  6. I don’t have Nvidea I have ATI, what do I do?

  7. It worked! Maraming salamat po sir!

  8. Nice! Thank you!!

  9. Is it really worth wrecking the graphics drive for it?

  10. I don’t have nividea

  11. i have one sentence .

    you ROCK man !!!!

  12. i don’t have nivida thing like you said

  13. Thank you very Much !

  14. Worked For Me, Great, Thanks!

  15. TAX wrecks on win 7 to

  16. thanks mate, i was changing my graphics card over seeing what one i get the
    best performance on games then i notice my right click was slow 

  17. Thanks!


  19. thank u

  20. Perfect examplehow to make a 30 Sec video into 3:30… but thanx anyway..

  21. Didn’t work here…

  22. you’re better drugged than me with that slur (spelling)

  23. thanx man

  24. awesome job gdust0582 thank you

  25. Wow this worked thank you, you the man, this was driving me crazy. Also
    this works for windows 7 same step. 

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