[SOLVED] – Devices and Printers will not open or load! Fixed

This video will show you how to fix the problem where your devices and printers window wont load or open. Sometimes the menu hangs because of a services that…

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  1. Thank you so much, from someone who hesitates to get into the works and
    change things, your instructions were easy to follow and more importantly,
    they WORKED!!!

  2. Didn’t work on mine.

  3. Yes, Jay, It worked just great. Thank you!!!

  4. it worked!! Thanks a lot! :)

  5. That didn’t work for me. There is not and never has been a Bluetooth device
    attached to this computer, so turning on Bluetooth Support Services made no
    difference whatsoever. Anyone have any other ideas why Devices and Printers
    hangs perpetually? I added a second printer to this computer, but now
    Devices and Printers refuses to open so I cannot change any printer

  6. Hi, The enabling of BlueTooth service opened the Devices and Printers
    dialog even though I was connecting my Printer using USB. Thanks a ton for
    your video.

  7. I developed this problem and was shocked to actually find a solution that
    worked. I would caution people to watch the entire video before trying it.
    I did it wrong the first time but fortunately watched the whole video again
    and it solved my problem. So Mr Busch, you my friend are a genius. Thanks

  8. This worked like a dream, thanks.

  9. thanks alot, worked like charm

  10. Worked beautifully even on Win8. Showed Bluetooth was on already but it
    was on manuel so I switched to automatic. Perfect Thanks

  11. Thanks for the great tip which has worked a treat. I was having a problem
    safely removing a USB hard drive – clicking on the icon did nothing. One of
    the microsoft forums suggested a way to get around this problem was to do
    it via devices and printers – which is when I found I was unable to load
    this page.
    By starting the bluetooth services as you suggested, I have cured both
    problems. Thanks again.

  12. thanks, dude ;)

  13. This worked for me, and additionally, it enabled my Windows to
    automatically start detecting my Dualshock 4 when I put it in pairing mode.

  14. Yeah man, thanks. Totally worked. No idea why or how this option got
    toggled to begin with.

  15. thanks it really help but my bluetooth not working can u help solve my

  16. Work like a charm. Thx bro!

  17. I was a little sceptical. but desperate. It worked! Incredible! Thank you
    so much for sharing this with us!

  18. You sir, are a life saver. That worked for me. Thanks a bunch!

  19. Every fricken day I have to fix my windows computer yet my Macs never ever
    have problems. You think Microsoft would learn.

  20. its works thank you 

  21. Thank you so much. It worked like a charm.

  22. OMG, I’ve been stumped by this issue for ages, and this fixed it in an
    instant! Thank you!

  23. Nice find =]

  24. Your solution was far more simple and effective than the others I
    investigated. THANK YOU for making this video!

  25. OMG, for two years I couldn’t figure this out…so embarrassing. Thanks,

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