SS-147(E) : Upgrading Window 8 to Windows 8.1

[SUMMARY] Upgrading Window 8 to Windows 8.1 [STEP] [Upgrading Window 8 to Windows 8.1] 1. Upgrade BIOS/SW/Driver to latest ones through SW Update 2. After updating the system to latest…

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  1. I cant update it it said repairing old version of Windows

  2. As a windows 7 user I still update my drivers 3 times a year

  3. i don’t have a SW update please help
    reply please

  4. It’s all Microsoft’s fault


  5. umm… it the upgrade button doesnt work… i press it and it unfortunately
    does not work. Am i doing somthing wrong? 

  6. Bonjour

  7. Thanks..

  8. well your laptop format if you update

  9. thanks this helped me a lot with my new Samsung series 9 ultrabook :)

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