Streaming Some BlackOps2 (Testing YouTube Live Stream)

Ok so testing out some YouTube live event streaming.. ————————————————————————— Want to send me a message then please feel free to do so,…
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  1. Streaming #Cod #Blackops2 live right now on #Youtube. #gm5go #tgnarmy # 

  2. nooooooooooooooooooo

  3. hehe

  4. hope that was ok….

  5. So how did it look on YouTube compared to Twitch?

  6. 😀

  7. Hiya

  8. The in-game voice is very loud. If he says something in-game one won’t hear
    anything you say.

  9. FYI: Your in-game voice over is rather loud compared to the voice chat.

  10. It just “happens” 😛

  11. Woot? Nooo 😛

  12. *wavewave*

  13. YES

  14. hi ya

  15. Or a ship

  16. That running animation looks like you’re a robot 😀

  17. is this angelos channel??

  18. go to go and do some revision

  19. camping little S O B dudar dudar

  20. dolphin diving xD

  21. that was me am on my alt account

  22. yeah its ok

  23. hacking

  24. AIMBOT

  25. hows sound now

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