Street Fighter III 3rd Strike on Intel 4500MHD(PCSX2 0.9.8)

My Laptop’s specs: intel pentium dual core 2.00ghz 1gb ram intel 4500MHD Windows 7 Street Fighter 3 works at playable fps on intel 4500MHD at native resoluti…
Video Rating: 3 / 5

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  1. @Thatbastardcat sorry but can post your specs again i can’t find it and as
    you see in the description i used frameskipping to play it at around 60fps
    so try it out

  2. Do you still use this comp?

  3. Hey man its me again, my framerate was up to 117 but during play it dops to
    less than 60fps :( any help?

  4. Nope i have a new pc and will buy a gtx 550 ti soon.(you can see the specs
    in my new videos).

  5. I absolutely love this game for the soundtrack

  6. No,i don’t think i can afford it.

  7. @Thatbastardcat try using frameskipping

  8. yeah,great game.

  9. @akrajanko1 hey thanks for getting back to me, its an e-machienes P320 AMD
    Atholon II x2, 250 GB HDD, ATI mobility Radeon HD4250 im not really sure
    what the are buts its a dual core processor.

  10. better buy gtx 680 like Im…if your budget is little higher :))

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