Sync All Your Screens with the new Windows 8.1

Watch how we’ve reinvented the Windows experience across all your screens so you can shoot, share, work and play while on the go.

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  1. Legal :D

  2. haha at 0:53 when the pc colour updates you can clearly see the phone move
    which shows its been cut and edited :P

  3. This is pretty unique. Neither iOS or Android have this. Much less syncing
    between mobile Safari and desktop Safari.

  4. the perfect setup., having the two systems sync together., debating if to
    get a new windows phone or keep the one i have which is a lumia 620

  5. Awesome!

  6. i wish we could get the update on our 710 lumia
    it has 8gig of storage and 512mb of memory so why not

  7. 1:05 lies!

  8. I actually find the theme syncing REALLY annoying, since I had to go back
    and redo the theme on my PC after logging into my Surface…

  9. Wow at 00:54 you can see they’ve cut the scene coz his phone jumps :)

  10. perfect!

  11. Yeah well I already foresee some problems with this whole “theme” sharing
    thing. Windows has LOTS of background and accent colour choices, however
    Windows Phone only has 2 (Black & White) background colours and a few
    accent colours.
    So what happens If I pick colours on my Windows that do not exist in
    Windows Phone?

  12. hem..still on chrome tho..Hem hem

  13. The same IE browsing experience that you know. AAAH EVERYONE RUN

  14. I love Windows 8.1

  15. @Badreddine Amine Sorry bro but only wp8 devices will get the update. I
    saved money for months and I changed,my htc hd7 for a lumia 520. May be you
    could get a new lumia with wp8.1 preloaded. I hears that lumia 630 is not
    going to be very expensive

  16. More share sett for near field devices :)

  17. Guys at windows phone should think about CAR System.. Don’t be followers
    guys.. Pls… You will always left with catch ups….

  18. can’t wait for win 8.1 please hurry

  19. google this this first, and didnt even hype it up

  20. So bookmarks work just like on Chrome?

  21. ^^

  22. espero que algún día #onedrive tenga espacio ilimitado y que pueda
    adaptarse perfectamente al disco duro disponible en un pc con windows/rt, o
    la memoria total en Windows Phone… :)

  23. dat hair

  24. I would like to ask you something Microsoft, would you please pay attention
    USE!!! Skype and Whatsapp are only famous in Europe and US but here it’s

  25. Now the NSA can use my awesome desktop settings. Thanks, Microsoft!

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