Take a Tour: Windows 8.1 Features

Watch this video to see some of the features of Windows 8.1, and how it brings you the best of touchscreen apps and desktop productivity. More about Windows …
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  1. Er, some of us are already using Windows 10 Tech Preview…?

  2. no thanx my friends!!
    I will stick to Win7 until something for *grownups* are ready!!

  3. The logo at the end should be the Windows 10 boot screen. Please. It’s just

  4. Ironic how when they refer to old, they show windows vista logo

  5. ‘s a little late for them to talk about this :P

  6. don’t get it! windows 10 is coming out! fools!

  7. mah gawd microsoft got it wrong

  8. I love windows 8.1. , I don’t get how people can’t learn how to work with
    I learned as soon as I got my tablet , without any video or anything!

  9. They are still trying you guys….They haven’t given up just yet. Best
    inspirational video ever. :’)

  10. why even post this if your shifting focus to 10 ? 

  11. Take a Tour: Windows 8.1 Features: http://youtu.be/3p8JqwitTfU via
    @YouTube#Microsoft #Windows8.1 #Preview #Desktop #Laptop #Tablet #New

  12. of course the video is all about the start screen, fucking typical.

  13. This should be on TV worldwide!

  14. nope, windows 7 much better.

  15. #BringWindowsXPBack

  16. They introduce this when windows 10 is announced ?? Wtf !

  17. Microsoft, hurry up with Windows 10.
    I am tired of jumping thru hoops for doing things I used to do in a snap
    with the Start Menu.

  18. Can’t wait for Windows 10

  19. wrong video

  20. I love how they still advertise for 8.1. Well, it would be months before
    Windows 10 arrives so let’s just wait.

  21. Вы показали win 10 и рекламируете 8.1? Лолшто?!

  22. Nice job phasing out the soon-to-be obselete OS, Microsoft.

  23. Windows 8.1 is great. Optimized as fuck compared to Windows 7 on my

  24. 11 viws
    witf me

  25. A reupload…

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