Tested In-Depth: Windows 8.1 “Blue” Preview

Will and Norm install Microsoft’s Windows 8.1 Preview onto their Surface Pro computers and explain all of the new features in this operating system update. S…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Installed Microsoft Office 365 on Windows 8. Can’t find it. Piece of shit.

  2. Tested In-Depth: Windows 8.1 “Blue” Preview http://bit.ly/17zKyOn

  3. An OS shouldn’t make you mad, Windows 8 makes me mad. No updates or fixes
    is going to change that.

  4. Thanks for doing this video guys, as a new owner of a pro 2 I am currently
    cruising the internet looking for how to videos to get the best out of this
    awesome machine.

    I do have a question for you guys or any of the tech gurus in the chat. I
    am currently in college where I receive free software from Microsoft, but
    little did I know that this soft ware came with DRM attached. Without
    knowing I installed Microsoft office to two very under powered laptops, I
    am sure you guys can figure out that the computers chug when attempting to
    use the office programs. I purchased the surface with the hope of
    installing that software on to the surface bypassing the need for a
    Microsoft 365 subscription, but to my dismay I learned that you were only
    able to download that software 2 times. I was wondering if any of you knew
    a fix that could bypass the DRM and get the Microsoft programs on my
    surface. Thanks for any help you guys can provide.

  5. Mac@dannyboys get creative!

  6. But then you wouldn’t be eventually tempted to give microsoft some more
    cash in Windows Store…at least that’s what Microsoft pathetically thinks
    forcing you to use the touch optimized Start Screen (on a non-touch enabled
    computer) would accomplish. Check out Start8 if you want the mouse
    optimized Start Menu back.

  7. honestly my biggest problem with windows 8 was that the main home screen
    was always default to the metro/tiles. but now that in 8.1/blue you can
    have it go straight to your desktop and you would never ever have to see
    the metro tiles if you dont want too! as for a gaming pc the more free ram
    there is better it is even if you had 32 gigs of ram every single spare gig
    means your game/program has more room to breath! also you could have less
    ram and a faster computer!!

  8. You’re right .


  10. I won’t argue against customization, but there’s a reason why Apple doesn’t
    put Mac OS on their iPads or Android tablets continue to use Android
    instead of a desktop-touchscreen hybrid even as Google, Samsung, and other
    developers continue to put out Linux-based OS. My point is that most of the
    touch-elements of Windows 8 are only helpful for touch users, unless I have
    cognitive issues using a mouse. Combining the two muddles up the target
    audience and makes it either worse or more complicated.

  11. exactly

  12. What a clunky a disorganized piece of junk OS. Absolutely no vision.. No
    sensible visions anyways..

  13. its better if your not a dumb ass that gets viruses all the time

  14. Yeah lol i had a mac i was just programming and it was like Nope im gonna

  15. half an hour an i dont see the control menu …has it changed? color icons
    categories are still that fucked up vista design ?

  16. Every time Norm demonstrated a feature I felt more knowledgeable. Every
    time Will demonstrated a feature I felt my brain cells dying.

  17. Im actually running windows 8.1 now on my laptop and some of the stuff they
    talked about i had no idea i could do, so shut the fuck up. If you think
    you could do it better than make your own god damn video

  18. Funny you should mention that, my friend has a Windows 8 PC and he just
    force-shutdowns whenever he wants to turn it off. WHY DOESN’T ANYONE

  19. I had high hopes to get some insight into Win 8.1 preview (as I have it on
    an RT-tablet) from Tested. Unfortunately, this was completely useless and a
    waste of time. Over half an hour of Will bashing it. Mostly due to his own
    inaptitude with the OS. Also, unforgivable to “demo” features that were not
    tested in a recording situation. Top tip. If you’re a iFanBoy, don’t test
    MS products.

  20. Well maybe it looks bad, but that doesn’t mean it IS bad. Don’t judge a
    book by its cover, don’t judge a tablet by its design.

  21. Tell that mother fucker to quit bitching.

  22. Yeah, and the reason it’s so big is because it has a QUAD CORE INTIEL i5
    processor, it would beat the hell out of an iPad, and I think it looks
    great, plus it runs windows 8 and soon, windows 8.1 which is a million
    times better that ios and osx put together

  23. The hidden start button really wasn’t a bad thing. All you had to do what
    shove the mouse in the corner and click. using the corners I find is
    actually a smart way of doing things. But anyway, I do think they should
    allow us to customize a lot how we want our windows 8 to look. We should be
    able to use a start menu, start screen or both. But we have to download
    third party apps now for a start menu. Personally I like the start screen.
    No going in n out of folders. I pick what goes on it.

  24. Good for phones! Not made for PCs !

  25. Cluttered and ugly? All programs was cluttered and ugly, so fine it’s YOUR
    taste, but it doesn’t suck, because I like it.

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