The Gunstringer – Story Grasslands Boss – Xbox on Windows 8.1 PC

Gameplay footage. If you want to grind, the game as a bit more depth. A simple free game.
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Question by Ello Moto: Is this a good build for gaming on Crysis 3 and BF 3?
I’m thinking of replacing the Windows 7 Home Premium with Windows 8 Home Premium; is that good?
Thank you everyone for your answers, it helps a first time PC builder like myself and Ken if you want, Microsoft announced that you can download or upgrade Windows 8.1 for free on Oct. 17 of this year. Here is short article if you’re interested
@Andy L, thank you for the website, it’s really informative. I see what you mean about the 770, the frame right is droolingly fantastic if that makes sense. But it cost almost twice as much as the 760 which is disappointing because I am on budget of $ 1,500 maximum. I should add that I am average gamer and 1920×1080 is fine with me.
@starpc11 I did not know, thank you for telling me

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Answer by Ivan
it should be fine on lowest settings at aout 170fps but it can support it

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  1. Perfect build sir. But I suggest upgrading the hard drive to a 1tb hard drive since 500gb won’t last that long. Also, keep in ind, if you are planning to do sli in the future, the msi g45 does not come with a sli bridge.

    Overall perfect build

    If you want, you could upgrade to windows 8, but you will only get a slight performance increase.

  2. Really really don’t get Windows 8. It’s the opposite of what you want for gaming. Bump up the 760, it won’t handle Crysis 3 all that well. A 770 and you’re set. Other than that, you’re fine.

    If you can, bump the 840 into a 840 Pro 256GB, you’ll burn through 120GB in no time at all, especially if you want games on it.

  3. Yes that’s a fine build for a gaming rig. You’ll have no problems.

    Personally I like Windows 7. I have a brand new laptop and I’ve been using Windows 8 on it for over a month now, and I still prefer Windows 7 which is on my desktop. Win 8 is a tablet/phone type interface which just doesn’t translate well to a keyboard and mouse. Even if I did have a touch screen, I wouldn’t like it as well. I spend all my time on the desktop mode. The Metro interface (or whatever they call it now) is horrendous.

    And just FYI, this is a better GTX 760 than your pick:

  4. Most people prefer Win 7 to 8, but Win 8 does boot and run a little faster. Things in Win 8 are a nuisance and need fixing. Some fixed in 8.1 Windows.

    Would go with a 1 or 2 TB HDD. Does not cost much more. Could even consider the better Caviar black. TX650 is very good, but you are using both 2x pcie 6+2 connectors, so a second GTX 760 one day also replaces the power supply.
    TX750, SeaSonic M12II 750 SS-750AM, Thermaltake TP-750P, EVGA NEX750G Gold
    are potentials

    Most gamers want a high grade monitor either above 1080p or a bigger size, but that is a decent one for the price at 2ms GTG

    It is a great build. Above are just thoughts.
    Battlefield 3 – 1920×1080 – Ultra Quality + 4x MSAA Frames per Second – 70.5
    Battlefield 3 – 1920×1080 – Ultra Quality + FXAA-High Frames per Second – 103.4
    Crysis 3 – 1920×1080 – Very High Quality + FXAA Frames per Second – 37.9
    Crysis 3 – 1920×1080 – High Quality + FXAA Frames per Second – 58.7
    Other games also shown

  5. Perfect! You could make a couple of changes for overclocking though , first you could grab yourself a Corsair H80i or a Noctua NH-D14 and change the CPU to the i5 3570k because they have better thermal solutions compared to Haswell. They pretty much have the same performance , but it’s just a preference. I like my Ivybridge rig more compared to my Haswell because the overclocks are far better!

  6. It’s a good build and upgrading to the windows 8 ad the upgrade to windows 8.1 will fix the bugs in windows 8 , i see no problems of using windows 8 for gaming , the specs will probably run BF3 at high settings with good fps , medium to high with good fps crysis 3 might experince some lagging at high settings , yes the gtx 670 ,680 , 770 , 780 can run gamings good at ultra settings
    but being on a budget then the the gtx 760 rminder the gtx 760 ti will be out soon

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