The iPhone 6: Thoughts From A Windows Phone User

The iPhone 6 is a beautiful confluence of capable hardware and powerful software. Here’s what it looks like to a Windows Phone user after 24 hours. Subscribe:…

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  1. The iPhone 6: Thoughts From A Windows Phone User:

  2. As an iOS user, I have to admit, Android TODAY is on a different league.
    The perception that it doesn’t offer ease of use is now a myth. Plug and
    play, integrate, harmonise with any hardware. Fitting any budget. Thats
    Android. Apple on the other hand, insanely restrictive, and….only works
    with other Apple hardware. Aka $$$$$$$$$$. Sorry Apple, I’m done. Note 4,
    here I come.

  3. If Windows Phone had the app support that Android or iOS has, I would jump
    on it. I love the WP ui and the way that everything works but the lack of
    Google apps and some others really makes it a hard sell. I really don’t get
    why Google has given the middle finger to Microsoft. At the end of the day
    Google is a service provider and they shouldn’t care what platform their
    products are available on as long as their customers are able to access
    their service. It only hurts the consumers in the long run.

  4. honestly windows is way better than android or ios, i just dont get why it
    hasnt get the attention it deserves

  5. This guy reminds me of robert downey jr sooo much

  6. Michael, you would be a good poet! 

  7. Windows phone and iOS are my personal favourite mobile os platforms.
    Android, well I hate it.

  8. What a coincidence! I just switched from my 920 back to the iPhone 6 (had
    iphone 4 originally, then got the dvp, 900, then 920). Good timing for the
    video! :D

  9. i use WP 8.1 and all of the rest of my family use IOS and to be brutally
    honest im bored with IOS, i had an iphone 5s and i’ll admit it is a
    beautifully made phone and looks and feels great, the OS is smooth and
    responsive but its boring, i traded my 5S for a lumia 930 and i much prefer
    it mainly because of the endless personalisation options there are, on IOS
    you can move icons round (for the most part) and change your wallpaper.
    Thats it, there is so much more on windows phone to make it “your” phone,
    such as lock screen animations and different tile sizes and colour schemes,
    and lets not forget, cortana. I will probably never go back to IOS, sure WP
    has its flaws but it has come leaps and bounds from WP7 just a few years
    ago to what it is today, and basically all apple have done is change the
    theme and increase the price tag.

  10. Lo dico da un bel pò. Michael Fischer è uno dei migliori, divertente e
    imparziale sempre.

  11. Tried Wp, went back to iPhone

  12. What is the nokia phone that appears in this video?

  13. I don’t agree that windows phone runs better on lower end hardware. iPhone
    4s with 800Mhz dual core processor and 512mb of RAM runs iOS 7 with no lag

  14. Micheal Fischer. Brother I can’t get over your judgments and facts. I
    totally feel your picking my brain. Were always very close or same on
    opinions. Thanks. 

  15. The iPhone 6: Thoughts From A Windows Phone User

  16. Goodbye my android phone… and welcome my new windows phone…

  17. Good video! Although it’s another video that somehow fails to emphasize the
    late 2012 specs of the new iPhone…

  18. Could the Verizon HTC One or any phone be used on AT&T or services similar
    to it?

  19. Whenever I’m on the Windows Phone Store all I see is disappointment.

  20. Continuous updates on screen is a modern way to increase functionality
    while adding more appeal to the visuals. Widgets tried to do it, but they
    fail in the appeal department. Live Tiles were the perfect solution for it.
    This reason plus the intuitive functionality of WP8.1 OS were the main
    factors for me to use my IPhone 5s (with IOS 7) less and less every day,
    while my Lumia 520 (lowest end WP on the market) converted into my
    primarily phone. I could never go back and use a static UI again. It just
    feels “dead” (aka boring) now…

  21. Wonderful comparison. Only from Michael Fisher. I love how you can clearly
    and eloquently speak out your thoughts about these devices. Smartphone
    buyers need more reviewers like you.

  22. Didn’t know you were a Windows Phone user, that’s great

  23. iPhone is better beside design the phone is up to date and have a nice
    camera. Mf are snapchat doesn’t lag are voices 5 min later. It on time !

  24. How can you have such lock screen at 5:32?

  25. For one the most important thing when it comes to phones it a large variety
    of GOOD quality apps because i spent 95% of my time inside apps (the other
    5% being using stock apps). followed by that would be fluidity of software.
    any lag completely destroys my brain. a close third would be battery life
    consumption and management. its hard to compare but i very important

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