The New Skype on Windows 8.1

Stay together better with your friends and family by snapping a chat to whatever you’re doing. Or stay in the loop while you’re surfing the Web. With the new…
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  1. i some times would like to remove people frome the call but with this new
    skype i can’t sfff

  2. you guys screwed W7 users with this update, i can’t even sign in anymore,
    and W8 suck

  3. I just switched from windows 7 to windows 8 skype, its absolutely awful, I
    might switch my operating system back to 7 just because of this. 

  4. Ooops..your product suck!

  5. Most Annoying Add ever!

  6. Ver interestin for an old gy like me 

  7. What if I have W8??? Skype wont work? This tired me… All this updates, I
    cannot enjoy my life because everything is going on update. STOP please
    with this sh….!!!

  8. I see nothing different.

  9. i like it….

  10. I have an email telling me I have voice messages waiting on my Skype number
    and to login to Skype to listen to them. But where in the app is voice
    messages? anybody?

  11. Many innovations noticeable if you use the tablet

  12. whats new?

  13. Disable your web cam.

  14. its not working in my newly upgraded windows 8.1 if u click skype it return
    to start..i try to uninstall and install again but it istill not working..

  15. the Skype it’s not available in the windows app store,for windows 8.1

  16. Where can i see the Blocked Contacts?

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