Top 4 Windows 8.1 Secrets [Tips and Tricks]

This is a quick demo on my top favourite tips and tricks new to widows 8.1 In my video I demonstrate these new methods. Enjoy GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825…
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  1. To activate God Mode in Windows 8, follow the steps below:
    1. Go to the Desktop
    2. Right-click and select New Folder.
    3. Right-click on the New Folder and select Rename.
    4. Change the name of the folder [just copy & paste the following string]:

    p-s: For those who failed to get godmode,

    because there’s (dash / – )

    1) copy the code and removed the ‘dash’
    2) just copy & paste the code i provide above (italic) no dash 

  2. for shutdown bottom
    write this in the shortcut

    %SystemRoot%System32Shutdown.exe /s

  3. I can not create shutdown short cut, can you help ?
    is it shutdown.exc/p ?

  4. I cannot get God Mode to work. I’ve tried entering just the code, the code
    with brackets around it, and I’ve tried the whole line starting with
    “GodMode”. Any suggestions?

  5. The right code is =


  6. Curiosity drove me to attempt the God Mode. I made the new folder, copied
    the code and what I got was a blank page and at the top it said the folder
    was empty. When I came back to the Desktop the folder was gone!

  7. godmode doesn’t work for me:-(

  8. what is God Mode? can anybody tell me!?

  9. I need help for restart

  10. Where is the code? 

  11. is it shutdown.exc/r/t0 for restart short cut ?
    it said could not be found, please help, thanks

  12. Awesome advanced secrets for Windows 8.1 including “God mode” I watched it

    Top 4 Windows 8.1 Secrets [Tips and Tricks]

  13. god mode


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