Trick!!! How to Make Transparent image from MS Paint

You can make also from windows XP MS Paint.

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  1. We found that MS Paint doesn’t allow to save transparent image. But also we
    searched for the online editor and we got Pixlr online editor. You can save
    transparent image with this online app. :)
    Link of the tutorial ==> < == I hope this will be helpful for you :) <3

  2. Problem: “Any transparency will be lost if you save this picture. Do you
    want to continue?”

    Ans. You cannot save the transparent image using MS PAINT.
    You need other image editing software like PHOTOSHOP,etc.

    If I found how to save the transparent image using MS PAINT I will message
    all of you.

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  5. How can you make a transparent background on Windows 7 paint? The progam
    already downloaded on your computer?

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  9. “How to make transparent image from MS Paint”…


    You can’t do it. You can treat the white portions of a selection as
    transparent (under the selection dropdown, “Transparent Selection”) , but
    the final image will not have any level of transparency, whatsoever.

    Download GIMP or something similar, or find a GIF converter that treats
    white as transparency.

  10. Thank you. I know it’s been a while since the switch, but I’ve always had
    trouble getting used to the new MS paint. I prefer the old version much

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  20. wait but what do you save it as because it says if i save it as a jpeg or
    png or gif the transparency will disappear.

  21. I already know this technique, but I’m looking for a video on how to save
    it with transparency, cuz it always says “Any transparency will be lost if
    you save this picture. Do you want to continue?” ._.

  22. Yep. That was clear as mud.

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