Unreal Gold – Because Why Not? | Gameplay On Windows 8.1 Running With Direct3D | GoG Version

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  1. It was with Unreal or Unreal Tournament where you could create maps using
    their editor. It was awesome because you would carve out the rooms instead
    of creating a block first and hollowing it out. This allowed for faster map
    creation and it made it less likely for holes to happen in the map. I spent
    a lot of time making maps. It was a fun, creative outlet.

    Of course they also had the scripting language available in UnrealEd.
    Unreal Script was removed from the latest engine a few months ago. Kind of
    sad to see that not available anymore. I wonder why they removed it and
    only support native code now?

    Epic opened the world up for modders. The tools were easier to use than
    Id’s tools for their games.

    Good times.

  2. It looks like an excellent shooter game for its age, made in 1990’s. Could
    you make it lighter ? it seems way too dark on my monitor. I might buy
    this, if the price goes down, way down, on a Steam Sale. Now the price is

  3. Thanks for this, Paul! I spent a lot of time with this and Unreal II: The
    Awakening. Great memories. I wish they’d do a new proper Unreal game (not

  4. So i bought Unreal Gold on steam. And im having some problems with the fps.
    just like red said. But i had about 5 fps. It makes the game unplayable. I
    just wanted to hear if anyone of you guys had any problems. And if you had
    how to fix them 

  5. absolutely loved this game back in the 90s! was one of my first FPS
    experiences and very memorable. sound track was amazing too. unreal
    tournament was amazing also

  6. Geez you should be maxing this out.

  7. There is an OpenGL driver dll that lets you play much better and with the
    high resolution texture pack on the second disk like in Unreal Tournament
    as I remember. Direct3D was pretty new back then and pretty crap.

  8. Play Blood 2 ^^

  9. shit game

  10. this is the worst game ever man 

  11. UT 99 lags on my GTX 770 as well lol

  12. Awesome :D

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