UPDATE #11: Windows 8.1 SUCKS

UPDATE  <a href='http://windows9howto.com/tag/11' />#11</a>: Windows 8.1 SUCKS

WIndows 8.1 is the worst s#!t I have ever used in my entire life. It’s worse than Vista. And I really mean that. I truly do. Also there’s a 2% chance my mic …
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  1. Have you ever come across Taksi? Granted, I don’t have/use Win 8.1, 8, nor
    7 (I still use Vista)… but I use Taksi to record my PC Assassin’s Creed
    footage (AC:2 through Revelations, but it won’t work on AC3 or 4; for some
    reason…). The only other reservation I have about it is that it’s fairly
    old, and I doubt newer games that rely on the bleeding/cutting edge
    versions of DirectX probably won’t work with it so well (or at all);
    regardless of what version of Windows you’re using. Anyway, Taksi is free,
    so what’ve you got to lose?´╗┐

  2. Windows 8.1 sucks ass.

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