Update library for adding files (Music App) Manually in Windows 8.1

Update library for adding files (Music App) Manually in Windows 8.1

Our Windows 8 or 8.1 Apps synchronize the files from windows library but when we need to add some other files than we need to keep those files in windows library. So i am here with a trick…
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  1. you know, you can grab a crap, and put chocolate coating all over it.
    but at the end of the day, it still a crap.

  2. Bro i did that and i added songs …but i added just a one folder but i
    wanna add some more songs n folder again ..but there is no option to add
    more …where should I go to add songs …and if i delete all songs of this
    player then it shows add option but without deleting them i wanna add more
    songs plzzz help how can I do this 

  3. This whole ‘type the instructions into wordpad/notepad’ thing is SO sad.
    It was done years ago. Get with the times and add captions to your video.
    It’s not hard, requires free software (probably the software you’re
    already using to edit) and looks far more professional.

    If you ARE going to type into notepad or wordpad, why don’t you people ever
    pre-type it before you start recording? Is that also too hard?

  4. really fast-action guy)) but thank you for tips.

  5. you type so slow

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