Update to Windows Phone 8.1 – Lumia XX20 and above!

Aloha everyone. Do you have a Windows Phone and you’re ready to update to windows 8.1? Well, since Verizon is taking their sweet time to upgrade my Nokia Lumia 928 to Windows 8.1… here…


  1. Still waiting on #windowsphone81 #wp81 ?

    Find out how to update your #lumia = now!

  2. How to update to Windows Phone 8.1 for free (and bypass carrier

    Any Q’s? (sorry for the editing)… leave a comment and I’ll get back to

    #windowsphone #lumia #nokia 

  3. Hey +juela topi I had to do 4 updates. These are updates that have
    features that your carrier may not approve. Keep doing it! Maybe 2-3

  4. Hey Bharat (I’m not sure why I can’t respond to your comment), you’ll be
    fine. I’ve upgraded 3 different phones and it works perfectly. There has
    been 3 updates and its pretty much going to be the same one that is going
    to be released to the general public.

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  6. Hi I just got a nokia 928 white just like yours its Verizon also. thank you
    for the great video I haven’t done this yet but I did subscribe to you so I
    could see more about this phone. “MERRY CHRISTMAS”

  7. Solid video! Helped a lot. 

  8. this may be a silly question, but when you updated did you get Cortana? I
    know you mentioned in the video that you were most excited about that
    aspect of the update but i didn’t see it on your home screen.

  9. as a user who just bought an Icon on the second hand market, I was
    disappointed when I learned 8.1 and Cortana would be held up by Verizon
    indefinitely. thanks to your video, I don’t have to wait any longer.
    performing the update now. much appreciated!!

  10. Hey I can’t thank you enough for this video, usually I’d wait and go
    through support but they would have run me through this anyway as a indie
    dev myself but only everything I have tried has failed. I love my Verizon;
    (white) Icon 929. Its now updating and migrating atm <3

    WARNING: To all users, it WILL void your warranties with your phone and
    carrier. Use this as last resort. Please.

  11. Thanks, great video. Help me install WP 8.1 in my Lumia 1520, a great phone
    needs the ultimate OS available. 

  12. When will the official update come out?

  13. THANKS got my phone updating just now,hope all will be fine . keep the
    good work….

  14. the long tutorial was worth it.thanks Max I just successfully upgraded my
    Lumia 625.

  15. Thank you, your directions very easy to understand!

  16. Thanks for the video.. spent hours trying to figure it out. didn’t know
    about the appstudio sign up. Thumb up!!

  17. Hi Max ! thanks for your video its really help me to update my lumnia 520
    to windows 8.1 . it’s cool !! keep upload video kind of like this . Thanks

  18. dude I have t mobile you made my day works perfect

  19. Hi. My lumia 800 doesnt support the developer app. Am i able to donit
    throught coumputer:(?

  20. want to buy either nokia lumia 525 or 530. I heard 525 can be updated to
    windows 8.1. Is it? After update can I move apps to sd card? Here cost of
    525 is 7000 and cost of 530 is 6750.. which one to buy?

  21. So I did this process, and it did two updates. A small minor one, and then
    a long one that was a bunch of 8.0.1ish updates, but not 8.1… Why is it
    not detecting that 8.1 is the next step up? Did I miss a bunch of updates?

  22. Make sure to have about 1.5gb space available on the phone to update to.

  23. Man thank you so much I tried so much but I forgot to register but when I
    finally did it work Thank you again

  24. Hurray!!!!!, thank you so much for this!!!! I have got my Nokia Lumia Icon
    updated to windows8.1!!!!!

  25. Hi bro I live in Bangladesh. I want to upgrade my NL820 to 8.1 over WiFi,
    while Nokia care demands quite a big money for out of warranty period
    phones. I’ve been trying to get it over WiFi for couple of months but it
    doesn’t work. So please tell me what can I do? Does it need a factory
    reset? Please let me know how I can get it

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