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Question by : im trying to get 2 computers to talk together, one is core and the other is full server?
Both are enterprise and windows 8 server. Comp 1 is given Comp 2 is given both with subnet mask..My problem is pinging, i have difficulty getting them to talk..Comp 2 is able to talk to 1 but Comp2 1 to comp 2 gives me a request timeout…what should be my ip configuration?? They have to be static..i need to know dns default gateway. And alternate dns

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My suggestion would be to set one of them to dynamic and run cmd ipconfig /all so you can get the correct default gateway information, once you get the information change it back to static and plug in the data. I would take guess and say your gateway should be Try that first and see if it works. I think that’s the easiest first step you can take.

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  1. Your subnet is wrong. The subnet mask you want is

    However, rather than doing manual IP configuration, why aren’t you using a DHCP server? Assuming you want them to be “static”, rather than manually assigning their IPs on the machines, you set them to be assigned the same IP each time using DHCP reservations. From a network management perspective, this makes your life so much easier. You simply tell the DHCP server to assign a specific IP address to one specific MAC address and it never assigns that IP to any other system.

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