Using Google Images for Desktop Backgrounds (Wallpapers)

Using Google Images for Desktop Backgrounds (Wallpapers)

This is a quick run through of where and how I find all my desktop backgrounds. Connect with me here:

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  1. my google don’t have the width and height

  2. But I want this certain photo to be a vivid image on my desktop. How can
    you do that?

  3. you gotta be pretty dumb to not know how to find backgrounds

  4. Great vid Mike

  5. google chrome get it done son

  6. @Bouche1985 It’s a function build in if you have windows 7.

  7. What I need to know is how to make them cycle through

  8. hey mike, when u click ur mouse, how do u get the orange circles to pop

  9. Firefox is the shizz

  10. my backround is avengers age of ultron

  11. How do you get your SCREENSAVER to cycle?

  12. @TheHolyWordOfGod does that only work on Win7?

  13. @TheHolyWordOfGod i go to the change desktop background but it doesnt give
    me an option to make a custom time setting to change the backgrounds.

  14. Right click the image, then where it says set as desktop background and

  15. can some one help me my vista laptop will not save a back ground it puts a
    picture on the background but when i turn my laptop off it does appear some
    one help..

  16. ……YOU ROCK!!! You made that so simple. Thanks.

  17. Seriously lol

  18. i got virus :(

  19. Hey mike, you know how to get that dell dock thing on a acer computer
    running vista?

  20. @Bouche1985 This is Windows 7only. Right click your desktop and press
    “Personalize” select your theme and press ‘desktop background’ on the
    bottom right of the pop-up then you will see “change picture every …”
    Just select the time and press save.

  21. interesting

  22. did you just really thought us how to use google …

  23. How do you get them to cycle? :S

  24. hey how do you get the thing on your mouse……like when ever you clicked?

  25. @mrsamska i’m not english so i’m allowed to make mistakes. 😀

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