Using NIC Teaming and a virtual switch for Windows Server 2012 host networking

Using NIC Teaming and a virtual switch for Windows Server 2012 host networking

Whiteboard overview and step-by-step demonstration of using the native NIC Teaming in Windows Server 2012 combined with host level virtual network adapters v…

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  1. Great job thanks very much. I have just started a Hpyer-V design so this
    has come in very handy as I was going to opt for the normal VMWare /
    Windows 2008 design. This solution make more sense, nice one :-)

  2. can i do all this using the gui? I know powershell is the hot new thing
    but i like to know where to click for these options.


  3. Nice explanation. Unfortunately, other sources say that for performance
    reasons one should never create the NIC team on the host but should create
    teaming in the guest VMs instead. That way one could also use SR-IOV for
    the teams.

  4. Thanks for the great video John. I’m having trouble with the VM network…
    can you explain what you mean by VM traffic a little better? My
    understanding is that if they all share a teamed address that the VMs will
    connect directly to the switch, but that you could do QOS on each VM.

  5. Great video, thanks for that!

  6. Great video – thanks! I basically am having the same issue as MrZami1981.
    You cannot choose an adapter for VM’s to use when in the settings for a VM,
    you can only choose a switch. However, you show creating a virtual NIC for
    the VMs to use and assigning a weight to that. How can that be
    implemented? Thanks

  7. Is there an easy way to tag each vmnetwork adapter interface with a VLAN?
    We are operating on all trunked switch ports. Also, would a dedicated
    vmnetwork adapter be necessary for SMB storage traffic (like you would in a
    VMWare world)? Taking us a little while to break ourselves of the old
    VMWare methodologies! Thanks!

  8. Thank you John. That’s brilliant stuff, very easy to follow. A request –
    Could you also do a video on ‘HYPER-V 2012 Virtual Switch, specifically
    around the differences between ‘switch mode’ and ‘switch independent mode’.
    Thanks -Ashwin

  9. A good tutorial John, clean & concise. Thank you.

  10. Very good tutorial, I will be changing my dedicated NIC’s to this set up!
    Thanks for the valuable information!!

  11. Network adapters will only run at the available speed so they will just run
    at 1Gbps so should be fine.

  12. Yes but don’t mix speeds as very unpredictable things will happen.

  13. GREAT GREAT tutorial. Thank you very much !

  14. A real eye opener… Cheers.

  15. I’ve heard different stories around this – but can NIC Teaming increase
    bandwidth on a local network?

  16. Hey just a quick question. I have 4 NICs in my server (two are 1 gb/s, two
    are 10 gb/s). They are all connected to a 1 gb/s switch, so I’m not taking
    advantage of the 10 gb/s speeds regardless. If I have one NIC team with all
    4 of these interfaces as members, will this cause any problems? Will it
    just treat the two 10 gb/s lines as 1 gb/s and everything will be fine, or
    will this cause any unforeseen problems? Thanks.

  17. Jumbo Frames are basically invisible to this. Just make sure all adapters
    have it enabled then you will send bigger packets which will proportionally
    make more traffic be used for the data content rather than packet overhead.

  18. ++ Now Created Team2 with rest of 2 NIC Cards, now Created 2 Interfaces
    over Team2 via Add Interface Option in NIC Team Console of Windows 2012,
    now Assigned Management IP Address, Subnet Mask, Gateway, DNS Server in One
    Newly created Interface and Only IP Address and Gateway for Heartbeat in
    Another Interface

  19. I have a similar setup using NPAR on 2k8r2 but I cannot get the VM traffic
    to team without MAC Collisions, this looks way better

  20. I am really just starting out in IT and have found this massively
    helpful.Thank you so much

  21. I have two NICs in the Host and make a Team with them. After this i create
    3 Adapter (live Migration, mgmt (host), vms). Weights are 35 / 15 / 50).
    How can i connect the vms Adapter with the vms on the host, so that they
    get the bandwith weight? I only can select the virtual Switch for the
    Adapters of the vm.

  22. Brilliant video John

  23. I was reading Live Migration networks can benefit from Jumbo Frames. How
    does Jumbo Frames add to the mix?

  24. Would it be ok to create a Team with NICs from different adapter cards? So
    if you have two 4 port network cards can you bind two adapters from each?

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