Video Interview with Windows 8.2 Concept Designer Jay Machalani

Last week we reported on Jay s Windows 8.2 concept design. Many Windows fans around the world looked upon the concept animation and screenshots with awe, at …


  1. The next new computer systems will be like from IRON MAN 3. It will be more
    Holographic tiles in 3D.

    This is already being tested, so it’s only a matter of time when we will
    see this type of Advanced Computer systems. I would say around Summer of
    2016, we will see the First Holographic PC. That’s if our society doesn’t
    collapse before then. Many Changes are coming in 2014 and 2015 which will
    be extremely scary for many people, Like Martial Law in certain cities by
    our Tyrannical Government. Hyperinflation could start in 2014 which the
    U.S. Dollar loses 50% more of it’s value. There are many other things that
    people don’t want to accept, but these realities are coming, if we don’t
    wake up to quick enough.

    Oh by the way, I Love Windows 8.1 and 8.2 might even be a lot better from
    what I hear. 

  2. If #Microsoft did this to #Windows i would totally switch from a Osx!!!

  3. My obligatory “I hope Microsoft hires this guy” comment.


  5. I love 8.1,,

  6. I wish the start menu he proposed, would actually be a replica of my
    windows phones screen like an extension. Whenever I change my start on my
    phone, it changes the start on the desktop! I’ll cry if I see this and
    throw my bank account on the screen. Lol

  7. Honestly I hate user created concept videos. It’ll never be a product so
    why are we wasting time on this? He’s a very talented designer but in the
    end we all know 8.2 is already heavy in development and I would be
    surprized if they weren’t working in 8.3 already.

  8. This is great Windows! :)

  9. Great Idea, Hire him MS or at least adopt it

  10. Yay for french canadians ! Good Job!

  11. you know…I think what windows really needs is to “merge” the desktop with
    Metro. Maybe by having desktop as a tab merged on metro to choose. Maybe by
    having a multiple desktops and adding the ability to pin tiles on it along
    with the ability to create folders…but in all ways. The main problem with
    people isn’t really the start Menu .. the problem with “metro’ is not
    having the hall task bar!…conceder a new, modern and touch-friendly
    design for a task bar and a start menu that has shortcuts for programs and
    when expanding it gives you the all programs screen along with the
    desktop/metro merged environment …create a new merged paradigm

  12. alléluia !!

  13. I love windows 8.1, it’s definitely an improvement over windows 8. BUT THIS
    IS AWESOME!!!! Do this microsoft. DO THIS!!!!

  14. +technofou How do you feel about the new announcements at Microsoft Build

  15. Great ideas. Embody. Start menu super !!!

  16. is there a download link?

  17. I hope Microsoft hire this keen guy

  18. I really hope Microsoft hire this guy.

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