What to do before installing Windows 8.1 preview + download link

In this video I will explain what you should do before installing Windows 8.1 Preview. Please watch the entire video to make sure you didn’t miss anything. E…


  1. Thanks for this video it helps alot, just one question. I have windows 8
    pro. will i be able to install windows 8.1 without losing anything, if i
    dont backup the drive or go back to windows 8 pro. Is that possible?

  2. You need to create a recovery USB the way I showed in the video. I’m using
    a clean version of Windows (it did not come with my PC), but if you have a
    OEM version of Windows you may need a larger USB drive. If you don’t do
    this before installing Windows 8.1 Preview, you can’t get back to normal
    Windows 8 later on! You also need to install Windows 8.1 Preview in the
    same language as your current installation if you want to keep your
    programs and settings. And always make a backup when using betas!

  3. The expiration date of the Preview version is January 15th, 2014. If you
    want to keep it forever, you should have a computer running Windows 8.
    After it’s released commercially, you can download Windows 8.1 from the
    Windows Store and keep it forever (it will be free for people who have
    Windows 8 if I’m right). You can’t get the full version yet, so you’ll have
    to wait for that because you can’t keep the preview forever, but it should
    come out before the preview expires 😉

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