What’s new in Windows 8.1 – The Missing Instruction Manual

Here’s a quick 10 minute video that will show you highlights of the new features in Windows 8.1 and *how to use them!* Please check out the whole Windows 8.1…
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  1. +Scott Hanselman thank you! This video helped me so much! i have had this
    computer for months and basically hobble along in confusion. I learned so

  2. REALLY NEED HELP is it true that with windows 8.1 you can quickly switch
    over to windows 7 and then press a button to switch back to windows 8? if
    it is please tell me how or tell me if its true or not

  3. Windows 8 is really terrible. I’m not buying a PC with that OS. 

  4. I just bought a PC with windows 8.1 already installed onto it…. Can i go
    back to windows 7 by using a disc? 

  5. Windows 8 is a horrible horrible OS, avoid like the plague!

  6. Great video. Learned a lot from watching it last night.

  7. Is there anyone making a video of Windows 8.1 update 1 using touch? 

  8. About to try Windows 8.1.. New laptop and I have not experienced New
    Windows Software.. I hear lot of people who like and lot that hate..
    Hopefully I will enjoy it.. We shall see..
    Going to use your Channel as a learning guide.. Your videos are nice and
    clear and you speak well. Keep up the great work..
    Just Subscribed :-D

  9. when you right-click in Metro IE you get “This PC” beside the “Tabs” title,
    I don’t get that on my PC. what does it do? (it sounds to me that you can
    access tabs opened on your other devices which would be really awesome!)

  10. Good man Scott 

  11. Great Scott – many thanks for a very helpful video! I just purchased the
    Asus Vivotab Smart, which comes with full Windows 8 and Office; the price
    has been slashed to £235 here in the UK. I intend to watch your other
    videos to ensure I get the best out of my fantastic new tablet.

  12. Great video but still unwanted OS. I’m sticking with windows 7, waiting for
    MS to redeem themselves and reform Sinofsky’s ugly and unintuitive
    metrofication of the OS. Hopefully the new CEO will turn things around here
    and make me actually want windows 9.

  13. Why does the context menu come up at the bottom of the screen? Is there
    some logic to that behavior that eludes me? The bigger the monitor, the
    greater the distance, the more the annoyance.

  14. Is anyone else struggling with minimising pages, then trying to access them
    again, it’s all a bit confusing to me.

  15. Windows 7 ultimate or 8.1???

  16. window 8 is best !!!!!

  17. useful video for 8.1 user

  18. Very good instructions. Thank you!

  19. Awesome vedio sir,
    Does it contains play or Microsoft app store?

  20. Woah-hohohoho mr h……when was lemmings added to the store?!

  21. Windows 8.1 this affects my antivirus?

  22. You have a fast computer :)

  23. Great video!

  24. Very Handy – Thanks a lot!

  25. Great explanation on how to use Windows 8.1

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