What’s the Best Browser for Windows and Mac?

What's the Best Browser for Windows and Mac?

Twitter twitter.com/austinnotduncan What web browser do you use? In my latest browser test I compare Google Chrome 32 vs Microsoft Internet Explorer 1…

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  1. My new browser test for both Windows and Mac is live! What browser are you

  2. Haunter dont give two fuchs on what he uses.

  3. i’m using safari

  4. I always use chrome on a Windows 7

  5. I found Firefox to be the fastest at least me. Also when watching videos;
    opening other tabs doesn’t effect the video like it does in Chrome for me.
    When ever I would watch a video in Chrome and load another web page in a
    different tab the video playing would lag and stutter.

  6. Chrome for the win!

  7. and that chrome is f****d up with adware

  8. Safari 

  9. i have the latest Opera 20.0.1387.91 and i have latest Firefox 29.0 Beta
    9 and Firefox is far behind by speed and features and use 20% more RAM
    memory than Opera. 

  10. opera

  11. I use Aurora from Firefox. Anybody else out there using Aurora too???

  12. Chrome….. Just for the apps, themes and the speed

  13. I like Firefox for the extensions.
    You should have also tested with the Sunspider test (Octane is made by
    Google, so it is pretty obvious in which one that is going to favor).

  14. ie 9 but now I am going to use chrome

  15. OPERA !!!
    People tell me not to use this browser it stutters when loading certain
    pages with lots of flash going on, but I don’t care. I love Opera.

  16. Waterfox… Look it up.

  17. Chrome

  18. Chrome is my personal favorite, but the power and CPU consumption of it is
    absolutely shocking.

  19. Chrome on android 4.1.1
    Chrome on windows 7 home premium
    Chrome on windows 7 ultimate
    Chrome on windows xp
    Chrome on windows vista

    I only use chrome!!!

  20. i use firefox on my laptop and chrome on my desktop

  21. Chrome on my PC
    Firefox on Ubuntu
    Chrome on my MacBook

  22. I personally use Firefox, it’s an amazing and fast 3rd party browser!
    Although, after this video, I’m strongly thinking about using chrome!

  23. Maxthon or Comodo Dragon.

  24. On Google Chrome I can’t even open the minecraft official site… I CAN”T
    EVEN OPEN GOOGLE because of “security reasons”…

  25. Google Chrome FTW!!!!!

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