Why Cortana is better than Siri (Windows Phone 8.1 vs iOS 7)

Use it offline and have fun! Yes, there is no cellular, look on top, no sign of E, 3G, LTE on the top(near mobile network coverage bar).
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  1. That is the power of Beta Cortana.

  2. I laughed so hard I choked… and then I laughed again.

  3. You forgot to mention that Cortana can also be used offline to control your
    music (play artist/song/playlist, shuffle all music, etc) and call/text

  4. Amazing to see that Cortana is already better while in an early phase!

  5. Lol! Very good bro haha

  6. hahahahhahahaaa nice to see that cortana works to some extent offline!!!

  7. lol

  8. Did you have data on your phone though? 

  9. my friend is very addicted in that asshole thing….

  10. my cortana doesnt work offline :( :/ 

  11. Just tried it on mine,. Cortana works with system apps but if you ask her
    her name or what 4+2 or to tell me a joke then she responds with “i’m sorry
    im not connected to the internet right now”. You are still able to tell her
    to turn voice and cellular data on though. Pretty neat feature. 

  12. Lol ! Love you man.

  13. I didn’t know that Cortana was available offline. Thanks for this demo.

  14. How the hell did Cortana understand this guy.. “subway surfers?” I had no
    clue thats what he said.

  15. haha

  16. soo true

  17. lol

  18. could you please do a review of windowsphone 8.1 vs ios7

  19. lol.. you I phone users!! Stfo !!!

  20. fraud 

  21. i guess windows phone will soon be greater and better than premium priced
    apple products and take hold of the second place!

  22. блин, передумал менять свой смарт на айфон)

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