Why Windows 8.1 Should Die In A Fire

I wanna keep dropping f bombs. Badly. Share, Like, bla bla.


  1. *facepalms* Watching this again.. I died a little at “stop fucking touching
    things” lol.

  2. Yeesh, I feel your pain here bud. Though my experience is not exactly the
    same, around Aug last year I received a forced update on my machine that
    screwed up the graphics card capabilities (basically stays in power saving
    mode, no matter what you do).

    Re-installing the original graphics drivers doesn’t work, and HP has
    basically given my machine the finger and has no plans to provide any new
    drivers to correct the issue.

    End result is that the few games I play on this thing now gotta run on low
    graphics settings or it’s just choppy as hell.

    It’s definitely a situation that is making me want to move away from
    Windows altogether. It’s just, I paid how much for this thing, it’s now
    broken through no fault of my own, and there ain’t jack I can do about it.

  3. Lmao… great video…

  4. You don’t have to install 8.1 , at all, but i have a solution. Install

  5. Freedom infringement= Google+Microsoft

  6. I hear you. I’ve despised Microshit in all of its iterations. I call the
    operating system a virus, and yes, it does act like a virus. 

  7. It’s Microsoft’s Upgrade Guaranty Program, guaranteed they want you to buy
    a new Windows 8.1 laptop. $$$

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