WiFi Sense in Windows Phone 8.1

Windows Phone 8.1 brings with it, a smarter and social WiFi Sense feature, which allows you to join WiFi Hotspots without having to manually accept the terms…
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  1. Wifi sense no Windows Phone 8.1

    Perceba as transições mais rápidas.

  2. Video: ‘WiFi Sense’ in Windows Phone 8.1

  3. can you show the EAP TLS settings??are you able to connect to enterprise

  4. Thank goodness. I will finally be able to connect to my university’s WiFi.

  5. well that….was fucking dreadful

  6. please !! review new start screen 

  7. Windows Phone 8.1 is bringing a smarter WiFi Sense capability to your phone

  8. give a proper review of action center and cortana for fuck s

  9. Meh, just show the background tiles.

  10. “manually” I hope this is the same for snoozing events or reminders.. could
    you please confirm?

  11. Please show us Live Lock Screen and Wallpapers in next video.

  12. The only thing here that excites me in the least is that this move
    potentially signifies that they’re finally opening the software up to devs.
    The whole timer thing is great and all, but why did they stop there? Why
    didn’t they allow full custom control, like what you can do with Situations
    and Moto’s SmartActions? That’s where this needs to go. That’s what I’ve
    been waiting for. Start making the phone “smart” with set time schedules
    you control and GPS location awareness that automatically turns WiFi

  13. Video: ‘WiFi Sense’ in Windows Phone 8.1

  14. Just Leak about the Background Tiles/Background Start Screen Image Already

  15. Así funciona WiFi Sense, la nueva prestación de Windows Phone 8.1

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