Win 7 – Setup my Wireless Brother Printer with a router that uses security – HL-2270DW

Brother Canada Customer support on how to setup a Wireless Brother Printer with a router that uses security for Windows 7, Windows XP or Windows Vista. Valid…
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  2. I though reading the setup guide that it was going to be difficult, this
    video made it easy as pie. ansd using brothers linux driver software
    installer it was easy on there too , I would definately by another brother

  3. If the printer doesn’t show up on the list, just spam the back button and
    do it again. For me it showed up the second time.

  4. Such a shame that Apple doesn’t make printers… Someone needs to make
    things easy to work. Brother doesn’t. 

  5. What the hell is the point of getting a wireless printer if you need a wire
    to set it up? -.- and you don’t even include it…

  6. This is bullshit. It should be as simple as locating a Bluetooth device.
    I’m so sick of things like this that take 500 steps just to pair a device.

  7. My brother printer is junk. I will never buy one again. It stopped working
    like clockwork just after the warranty was up.

  8. The directions could use a little more dumbing down

  9. how can i connect two computers if the computers are not wireless ? 

  10. I have a J4510DW, i followed everything but at 4.31 the window don’t list
    the printer why? The router is Netgear DGN2200

  11. If you don’t have a USB cable, you can use a network patch cable to setup
    your wireless feature.

  12. Hi! Sorry to hear about the difficulties you are experiencing with the
    Wireless setup. There could be different factors causing the problem that
    you are having. Please contact us via our Email support or chat support by
    using the link below, one of our agents will assess the issue and resolve
    the problem. Thank you! C.

  13. Hello! The USB port on the HL-2270DW printer is situated at the back of the
    printer, under the Ethernet port. Let us know if you are still having
    difficulties. Thank you! C

  14. it does NOT come with any cables!how we can do it without cables is the
    point! I HATE Brother printers! DO NOT EVER BUY IT!

  15. nothing Simon

  16. Hi! Unfortunately, we have no video FAQ’s for the setup on a Macintosh
    computer but we are currently in process of creating new Video FAQ’s for
    Macintosh users, so stay tuned :). If you are have questions or
    difficulties with your Brother product then please contact us via our Email
    support or “Chat” support from our website at
    Thank you! C.

  17. Sorry you feel that way about our products. If there’s something we can do
    to change your mind, please let us know. H.

  18. This is critical. I had the 2240 and replaced it with the 2270DW because of
    the wireless feature. Just unplug the wires and re-pluginn them, the
    computer recognize new printer right away. But having the lap top print
    wireless has been not easy, by the way both computers have Windows 7, the
    laptop is new and has 64byes. I had the expectation the lap top would
    recognize the printer, but… Any way, I’ll try and install the driver from
    the CD.

  19. I will return this printer for a few days of a very rough use and then i
    will go return it. I AM F REALLY THAT MAD !t So brothers who wanted to make
    couple of extra dollars by not giving a cheap USB cable will probable learn
    from angry customers ! i had a printer i bought 3 years ago came with a USB
    cable attached to it!

  20. Sorry to hear about the difficulties you are experiencing with the wireless
    setup. You can get the same Full software package from our website at
    If issue persists then please contact us via our Email or “Chat” support at one of our agents will assess the issue and
    resolve the problem. Thank you! C

  21. I have a Mac book pro 10.7.5….i havent been able to install it wirelessly

  22. my problem is finding where to put the usb cable in the printer because
    there is no place to plug it in

  23. this was fucking easy you cry babies!!! if you don’t have a usb printer
    cable, get one from amazon goddammit!!!!!!!!!!!1 thank you for video
    setups. get those mac videos up for your mac customers.

  24. where in the hell is the usb port on this thing?????????

  25. u have to have a USB

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