WinBook TW700 – The $60 7 inch Windows 8.1 Tablet

An unboxing and first few minutes with my new Winbook TW700 from MicroCenter. It has 16GB of Storage, 1GB of RAM, a Quad-Core Intel processor, MicroSD Card S…

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  1. I just wanted to let everyone know that I got this email from MicroCenter
    today. You can save 2 GB of data on the hard drive.

    This is specifically for the WinBook TW700 – I don’t know if it can or does
    work for any other tablet or Windows device. I didn’t create the file, and
    can’t take any responsibility for what it does. But this is from a legit
    MicroCenter email – so I would suggest that all TW700 owners to use it.

    =====QUOTE FOLLOWS=====

    WinBook has an important update to share regarding your WinBook TW700

    Due to the size of the full versions of the Microsoft OS and Office
    included with the new WinBook tablets, some users have experienced low
    available disk space after completing the MS Office installation and latest
    OS updates. While we cannot impact the size or frequency of updates
    released by Microsoft, the WinBook team has developed a utility that will
    increase the available storage space on your 7” WinBook tablet by about
    2GB. Installing and running the utility is quick and should only take about
    2 minutes, and does not negatively impact any of your applications.

    To obtain and run this utility, please follow these steps:
    1. Click on the link below to open the download page from our website:
    2. Select “Save” and the utility will download.
    3. After it has downloaded select “Run”
    4. The next screen will detail where the utility will be located by
    default. Tap “OK” to proceed.
    5. The next screen will give the option to save the files in the default
    location. Select “Unzip” to extract the files, tap OK to confirm the two
    files, and then select “Close”.
    6. Tap the file explorer folder icon in the lower left corner of the

    7. Double-tap the Windows (C:)
    8. Double-tap on the WinBook folder
    9. Double-tap the WBOptimize.exe file, click Yes, and then follow the
    on-screen instructions.
    For more details on running the WBOptimize.exe utility, please refer to the
    WBOptimize ReadMe file located in the folder with the WBOptimize.exe
    utility. This utility makes a modification that can only be completed one
    time. Running the utility a second time will not free up any additional
    space. The utility can be deleted after Windows finishes rebooting.

    PLEASE NOTE: If you run this utility and receive a message that these
    modifications have already been made, then your tablet has already been

    If you have further questions, please visit the store, visit or email us at

    Best regards,
    Your WinBook Support Team

    ====END QUOTE====

    So I will download and try this, and let you know how much space I get back
    (if any).

  2. +Knive defender

    This might help with the “male Siri voice” (It’s actually called

    This explains what it is, and how it might have gotten turned on:
    This explains how to turn it off:

    I can’t find a way to change the double tap thing. Basically if you have
    to double click on something if you were using a mouse, you’re going to
    have to double tap the screen to get the same effect. This includes
    opening shortcuts on the desktop in the classic environment.

    That’s not limited to this tablet. That’s a Windows 8 thing across the
    board. Any Windows 8 touchscreen device
    (tablet/laptop/umpc/netbook/ultrabook/etc.) is going to behave the same way
    – at least from what I’ve read online.

  3. For those not fortunate enough to live within driving distance of a
    MicroCenter – NewEgg has a similar tablet on sale for $59.99 as well.

  4. +arun kandappan

    Yes it supposed SDXC and SDHC up to 64GB.

  5. I hope to find my Micro-HDMI to HDMI cable this weekend, and I’ll try to
    post a follow-up video.

    Thanks for all the comments and views, everyone.

  6. The TW700 has only 16 gb internal memory. Here’s how to add system files
    on a installed sd card.
    The unit accepts up to a 64gb micro SD:

    Buy a fast card. Avoid some of the bargains on Ebay. 

  7. I bought one. Its a piece of shit. Says it has 16gb but after updates your
    left with 1gb and you cant even install apps to the sd card. Its 5 years
    behind in technology. Better off getting an android tablet that you can
    store apps on the sd card. I do not recomend this at all the outside
    pacakging is misleading and a lie.

  8. Great Video Chad! And a great deal too! Towards the end of the video you
    were looking for the Computer Properties I believe, but seemed a little
    lost and you should be able to find it in Windows 8.1 folder equivalent of
    “My Computer” called “ThisPc” whose shortcut you can add by right clicking
    teh Desktop(long press on touch screen) Personalize> Change Desktop
    icons>In the Desktop Icons Popup check mark the Computer Check box and
    click Apply or Ok. Then navigate to your desktop and right click (long
    press) on the “This PC” icon and select properties, you should see the My
    Computer Properties pop up showing you the RAM, Processor and OS
    information stuff along with a bunch of other shortcuts. An easier way is
    to Swipe from the right side of the screen to display the Charms Bar and
    tap on the search field, and in the search field type in “Computer
    Properties” the first result should be System, tap on that and you should
    see Computer Properties. Hope this helped. I’m new to Windows 8.1 myself so
    I commiserate in your novice neophyte experience with it. But I find
    Windows 8.1 easier to use than Ubuntu on Android tablets. All the best!

  9. I bought a TW700 on 12/1 & am on the verge of returning it to the store. I
    have been getting to know it & very quickly ran up against its memory
    limitation. I cannot install the current set of Windows Updates considered
    important at the time I bought the machine. The error message says there
    is insufficient room. I deleted the original antivirus and installed AVG
    free version. When I attempt to update AVG, the error message says there
    is insufficient room. I activated the included MS Office 365 and found it
    has 2 installations, one necessarily part of the TW700, and the other can
    be used on any other Windows machine you like – not bad considering a
    standalone Office 365 subscription for a year costs more than this entire
    machine. I thought I would try to reset the TW700 to its original factory
    configuration and have been unable to do so. I spent over an hour using
    the Microcenter tech support Chat system, and after trying all manner of
    things, could not get the machine to reset itself. The Chat tech told me
    I would have to bring it back to the store to get that done. Somehow I
    was able to stumble into the UEFI shell (you need an external USB keyboard,
    press Shift+left arrow+restart to get into that set of options, one of
    which is going into the UEFI shell. I have never been in a UEFI shell, but
    soon guess it used Unix commands & I was able to stumble around a bit &
    read some of the directories. I was able to get some of the directories of
    that hidden partition, as follows:
    Directory of D:Images
    11/18/2014 10:39 PM

    11/18/2014 10:39 PM
    11/01/2014 02:09 AM 5,646,302,722 Install.wim
    1 File(s) 5,646,302,722 bytes
    2 Dir(s) 105,361,408 bytes free

    Volume in drive D is Images
    Volume Serial Number is 4E91-9FEA

    Directory of D:Recovery

    12/10/2014 05:29 PM

    12/10/2014 05:29 PM
    0 File(s) 0 bytes
    2 Dir(s) 105,361,408 bytes free
    Apparently the actual “recovery” partition of my TW700 is empty. I don’t
    know what is in the “Install.wim” file under the “Images” directory. I
    suspect it is mostly the installation package for Office 365. When I
    activated that software, it was nearly instantaneous, so I don’t think I
    downloaded much of any of the Office 365 software & that it was already on
    the hidden partition.
    I also tried to create a recovery disk using a flash drive. This showed
    me something disquieting (from Windows “Create a USB Recovery Drive”
    directions found online:
    “3. After the recovery drive tool opens, make sure the Copy the recovery
    partition from the PC to the recovery drive check box is selected, and then
    tap or click Next.
    • The checkbox is greyed out when your PC doesn’t have a recovery
    partition. The recovery drive will include only the recovery tools and a
    bootable image, but not a recovery image to use for refreshing or resetting
    your PC.”
    So guess what – the “Copy the recovery partition from the PC to the
    recovery drive” check box WAS greyed out. I suspect strongly this machine
    has no true recovery drive, and that if your OS is corrupted, your TW700
    will be bricked.

  10. If you set your expectations accordingly, the Winbook 7 is a good tablet.

    – Very affordable for the price of $59
    -Good windows modern ui performance for 1GB ram
    -No flex in case, comfortable to hold with one hand
    -Light sensor for auto brightness
    -LED charge indicator
    -Full size USB port, microHDMI
    -Physical Windows Button mounted on side of tablet

    -2.57gb usable space after windows update & before office365 is installed
    (recover partition is 5.57GB which can be reclaimed if one creates a
    recovery USB drive)
    -screen led backlight bleed across bottom of screen

    Great tablet for my nephew who is always borrowing my smartphone. I would
    recommend reclaiming the recovery partition to gain as much space on the
    main disk drive as Modern UI apps & data can only be installed on c:.

    Some other tablets in this price range and screen size omit video out and
    charging LED indicator.

    In general desktop apps suffer from only having 1GB Ram. Finally, I can not
    find the display settings to change the desktop icons from small to medium
    size (I can easily do it for my other windows 8.1 tablets) and as such the
    touch targets are way too small in desktop mode.

    Bottom line: if you can accept the screen imperfections and manage your c:
    storage this is a good starter tablet.

  11. I bought one of these a few days ago. I love it! However, I had a coupon
    from Micro Center and was able to buy the tablet for — wait for it —

    Yep. $30 for a tablet — and a full year of Office 365, the Personal

    I was able to cancel my Office 365 subscription and use this instead —
    saving me a ton of money.

    They also offered 16 GB storage media for free. But you had to have the

    So my suggestion is this: go to Micro Center and sign up for their mailing
    list. You want to find out about these things quickly.

    That’s got to be how they make money — it’s a loss leader, but then you
    tell many other people about it, and you find out how cool the store is. So
    you start buying other items there.

  12. I bought this tablet but I had to return it because there is only 8.87 GB
    of space available and after I installed Office365 I was not able to do all
    the Windows updates. That is a real bummer because this could easily be one
    of the best deals in tech. I was able to play with it, it’s a solid device
    only the storage issue I had. I have a 16 GB microSD card I bought also for
    the tablet but the lack of space on the C: drive was troublesome. But with
    all that said I am still thinking maybe I should go buy it again and just
    don’t install Office on the tablet and use Office online in a browser. Not
    sure yet. I know there is a recovery partition and that is what is taking
    up most of the space but that is still an issue. I am really torn because I
    want to like this device.

  13. Would you happen to know if i can somehow dualboot Android from an SD card
    on this tablet? I’m picking one up tommorw irregardless, but I think it
    would be nice to have a lighter OS thats designed to be on a (relatively)
    small size screen and completely optimized for touch (although I’m getting
    a keyboard case and mouse anyways). Also, I have several paid apps on my
    google account that I would like to have on my new tablet, since my
    previous Android one broke.

  14. Can you install linux distros on this?
    I know I don’t need this thing at all but I’m having a hard time trying to
    fight the urge to buy it :(

  15. Just picked one up and its not bad at all. I’m shocked 60 bucks and it

  16. does it need a wifi connection for camera to work

  17. does this have wifi connection? i can’t connect to wifi

  18. Chad, you are THE MAN. The utility freed up over 2 Gig, although I still
    think it is grossly dishonest to advertise a 16 gig with only ~ 8 usable.
    Anyway, thanks for this posting.

  19. It is really impressive that a company can make a product like this, have
    it sold for $60 and still make money. Or do they?

  20. Next time try to get your camera to focus.

  21. I have one of these. If I had it to do over again, I might have spent the
    extra to get the 8 inch model with 2GB of RAM for $139 but I don’t really
    need another tablet. I just couldn’t resist that price. It is cheaper than
    the memory I was buying for desktop at Microcenter.

    The Haswell processor handles video very well. It comes with an Office 365
    license for 1 year which can be installed on both the tablet and a laptop
    or desktop plus it gives you access to the mobile Office apps and 1 TB of
    cloud storage. I’m not really too concerned about the lack of storage
    (after the Microcenter fix, i have about 3GB available). I put Onedrive on
    my SD card and generally stream video to it either from my media server at
    home or using Netflix. It works great for playing 1080p video on my TV.

    The big negative for me isn’t the lack of hard drive storage but the 1 GB
    of RAM. It gets bogged down when using Chrome which is my choice of browser
    and a resource hog. It is unfortunate because the size of this device makes
    it perfect for couch browsing. IE is snappy but I like that Chrome syncs my
    desktop and laptop bookmarks and history.

    All of that said, even if I only use it for watching video on my TV, it is
    still a good value for $59 especially with the Office 365 subscription and
    Cloud storage. 

  22. Great video! How’s the picture quality? I heard reviews saying it’s
    grainy…also how about touch sensitivity? I heard you have to tap twice or
    sometimes 3 times to get a response. Thanks!

  23. Wow, this is impressive for that price!
    I would appreciate another video showing the gps in action, the estimated
    battery life and maybe you could also test the micro HDMI with a FullHD
    monitor (if you can).

  24. Is this thing running proper Windows 8.1 .. not some RT version? Also if I
    put an mkv video file on a USB drive (or internally) – will this play it
    (may have to install some video codecs)? 

  25. How much usable space is left over after Office365 and windows updates

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