Windows 10 Free for 8.1, 7 Users – IGN News

During Microsoft’s Windows 10 live event today, an executive said many Windows users will be able to upgrade to the new operating system for free for a year …
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  1. I will stick with my windows 7

  2. Windows 10 owners get to play against Xbox one owners. 

  3. The best online gamers (xbox) vs the pc masters! (Pc duh!) This is fucking
    awesome! !! Sony guys well you have PSN lol

  4. First! Xbox and PC master race! #XboxWon

  5. And you can now stream games from your Xbox one to PC. Awesome!!! 

  6. wtf, they’re still using that touchscreen format garbage? Gimme a start
    button or we’re done.

  7. Os X master race.

  8. HAHAHA people pay for Windows? Nice joke. 10/10

  9. So….it’s free for a year after it’s released as in I have a year to
    redeem the offer, or is it that I can’t redeem the offer until a year has
    passed from the original release date? I’m confused on your choice of
    wording there IGN. 

  10. Just goes too show you how stupid Microsoft is. Apparently who is ever in
    charge doesn’t know after 8 comes 9. Just like there stupid Xbone how do
    you go from 360 too One. 

  11. Sorry, sticking with windows 7 Microsoft, it will forever be the best OS.

  12. So if you upgrade within a year it’s free. Or once you upgrade, it’s free
    for a year then you pay?

  13. No thanks I’ll actually use an operating system catered to a computer and
    not a tablet

  14. Look it’s a great thing for xbox one and pc gamers we should stop fighting
    with each other and be happy let’s just look at ps fanboys who have nothing

  15. If anyone is wondering why they’re skipping the “Windows 9” iteration, it
    could possibly be because of compatibility issues with the code in some
    programs. Many early programs detected what operating system (Win 95 or 98)
    by just checking to see if the OS name started with a 9. You might be able
    to see where this could cause some issues with Windows 9. Windows 9 would
    cause the program to recognize it as either Windows 95 or 98 and run it in
    a compatibility mode that wouldn’t work with Windows 9.

    If they did it for a reason other than this, then I have no idea what that
    reason could be. They could just be using their same logic for naming the
    current gen console the Xbox One instead of continuing with the theme of
    increments of 360 and naming it the 720 or something similar.

  16. This video CLEARLY proves why the Dreamcast 2 is the superior console. If
    MICROSOFT would have just paid Big Cheese his $200 he would have been able
    to purchase Windows 10 on day one. Thanks to ReviewtechUsA he must wait a
    year. #$200gate #nipplegate

  17. Microsoft needs to learn how to count 

  18. I have to say window 10 concept looks awesome so far. It’s good that
    companies are starting to invest more in research and development. It keeps
    the world going. Remember support any consoles weather its pc, xbox1 or ps4
    remember the more money you invest the more jobs it creates, the more job
    created means there is hiring more people who can gain more money. It’s a
    win win for everyone. Let stand together for the future of gaming and
    electronics. Put aside the fanboyism and make friends !!!!

  19. Welp, here’s to waiting a year to get the next Windows for free.

  20. Windows
    A fatal exception OE has occurred at 0022:C00068F8 in VxD VMM<01> +
    000059F8. The current application will be terminated.
    *Press any key to terminate the application.
    *Press CTRL+ALT+DEL to restart your computer. You will
    lose any unsaved information in all applications.
    Press any key to continue.

  21. so whats next? Windows 20? coz i know Microsoft cant fuckn count

  22. so say a certain individual has a non legit version of windows 7 and they
    upgraded to windows 10 does that then mean they will have a genuine version
    of windows ? 

  23. Do people realise that windows 7 is windows nt6.1 ?

    Makes sense to want to round up start fresh kernel version. 

  24. freaken christ, windows 10 have even more useless nonsense added to a
    garbage windows 8 -_- too bad microsoft is the best OS out there

  25. Windows ten looks awesome. But after going down the comments im already
    hatting Microsoft again…

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