Windows 7: enable remote desktop

How to enable remote desktop on Windows 7. Remote desktop is software that enables you to use your desktop computer when you are not near it. It is available on Windows xp pro, Server 2003,…
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  1. Is it possible to use an existing profile instead of creating a whole new
    one? That way I don’t need to reinstall applications and such

  2. Another one free way is LiteManager app for Remote desktop Win7, 8. 

  3. plz help i have ip remote desktop but Forget password

  4. Thx
    Its work

  5. How do you open the right port? I want to connect to my desktop from
    school, but my PC is connected to our modem with a LAN cable because it
    doesn’t have a wifi card. I’ve tried to remote desktop connect but it fails
    every time, how do I connect through the router/modem?

  6. here is what I am trying to do and any help would be appreciated. I think
    windows remote desktop will do it.

    I have a laptop here in USA and I’m going to be sending it to a friend in
    australia, I’d like to be able to use remote desktop and use the web
    browser from the laptop ip.

    Will windows desktop let me do this and will any connection I make look
    like the ip is from the laptop’s location in australia or would it be my
    location in the USA?

  7. Can I have some help? When I go to remote I can’t find Remote Desktop like
    its not there. Please help

  8. thanks a lot man!!

  9. PROBLEM not a big issue it has remote access but like your management thing
    I don’t have the Local Users and Groups thing how do I display that? You
    might not answer this but I need help I can remotely connect but can you do
    this using a browser or anything?

  10. Good
    Little bit if you could slowdown would be much better for the audience
    since you will be covering wide range of audiences
    Thanks a lot

  11. I recently got Remote Desktop up and working.

    I notice that almost all the posts related to Remote Desktop include using
    the ‘IPCONFIG’ command to determine the target computer’s IP address.

    While I assume this is done because most PC’s are configured to get ‘the
    next IP’ available from the router, I had assigned a static IP address to
    the target computer. So, I already knew the target’s IP address without
    using IPCONFIG.

    Even though I followed all the steps here, it still wouldn’t work. Here’s

    If the target Windows 7 computer has a static IP, make sure you also do
    A) Open Control Panel
    B) Select ‘Network and Sharing Center’
    C) Select ‘Change Adapter Settings’ (at left)
    D) Right-Click on the network adapter (Note: pick to be used by remote
    desktop is you have more than one adapter)
    E) Select ‘Properties’ from the drop-down list
    F) Select ‘Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)’
    G) Click the ‘Properties’ button below
    H) Click the ‘Advanced’ button
    I) Select the ‘WINS’ tab at top
    J) Ensure check-box ‘Enable LMHOSTS lookup’ is checked
    K) In the ‘NetBIOS setting’ box below, Select ‘Enable NetBIOS over TCP/IP’
    L) Click ‘OK’, ‘OK’ , ‘Close’ buttons as the pop-up are closed out each
    pop-up (don’t use ‘Cancel’)
    M) Close the ‘Control Panel’ window
    N) Restart the PC (probably not needed, but a restart won’t ever hurt

  12. What is the difference between the last 2 remote desktop settings? 

  13. WONT WORK 

  14. i finally did it , my credentials did not work because i changed my user
    name , so i have to login using my old user name so i can not use my new
    one. does anyone know how to fix this?

  15. How am i supposed to get those three buttons he insisted on not telling us
    how to do sorry i fi come off as dumb or something but it would most
    definately help me 

  16. Thanks

  17. good

  18. Hi Chris really useful thanks

  19. you go to fast and it is annoying

  20. Hi Chris .. thank you for that video … I learned a lot… but I have
    windows 7 home in my laptop.. I and have pc with window xp pro … can use
    remote desktop … I wanna make wireless network between them … can you
    show me how… thank you 

  21. your accent is not that hard bro. I fully understand you. And im from
    Amsterdam, so you know when i speak english i have a hard accent

  22. Very useful, and your accent is easily understood to my ears at least :)

  23. good

  24. Thank you so much…works perfectly!!!

  25. You made the point that only one user can be logged on at a time, that is
    only true in certain versions. The server versions since 2K server have
    allowed you to log in twice, simultaneously, but as different sessions.
    Comes in handy if you haven’t had your coffee and flub your password a few
    times and lock yourself out. I would recommend you that if people are going
    to do this that you inform them how to set up time out and idle periods.
    And above all else set the lock periods to expire or you will be locked out
    until you can get to the machine and console in.

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